Invocation of Luluwa/Qalmana/Awan

Io Qalmana-Lil-Uwa

I raise my voice unto the Nigrescent, Venusian Throne wherefrom the Scythe-Bearing Princess over the Divinities of Adulteration presides over the envenomed, hallucinogenic rose garden of

Malka ha-Magal ha-Kavod va-Mispach (x13)
[Queen of the Sickle of Abundance and Bloodshed]

I desire the Reddening-Demonry of the Progenitor of Sortilege so that she might lead the way in my attainment. I will unite my cognition with the wisdom of Qalmana and empower myself through her guidance. Vampyric Creatrix, descend here within me!

Luluwa-Agrah-Va-Koh-Hen-Hah-Sehmol (x7)
[Luluwa Daughter and Priestess of the Left Hand]

Allow me to experience the power of she who has completed the Great Work!
Let me partake of the love felt by the Precursor of Witchcraft!
Grant me the brutality of the Gorgeous Matron of Homicide!

Qalmana Meleketh ha-Gulgatha va-Nogah (x7)
[Qalmana Queen of Gulgatha and Venus]

Mother Awan!
I call to you,
Veiled Creatrix of the Burial Mound,
Shrouded Mother of Roses,
Black and Beloved Tormentress!

Hail Luluwa!
You who resides amongst the Court of Infernality
As a Demigoddess of Abundance!
Cunning Artificer of the Lineage
of Demonolatry and Human Sacrifice!
I seek to Become and become one with you!

Awan Luluwa Lalawa Qulmuna (x13)

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


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