A Rite to Execrate a Church

{People who are raised religious will retain, at least temporarily, subconscious mental programming even after leaving their religion. While the fledgling Satanist knows logically that there is no condemnation after death, his subconscious mind has still been conditioned to think that there is, giving birth to irrational fears. This curse ritual is meant to be cast upon the church that the celebrant used to attend– if a random church is targeted, much less deprogramming is achieved. The tricky part of the rite is balancing the expression of legitimate respect for the Satanic forces one is calling upon with contempt for the Christian establishment which is cursed and the servitors of Yahweh which are slaughtered mid-ritual. Phrases in bold are to be vibrated while phrases in italics are to be chanted. Translations and/or explanations appear in brackets.}

It is my intent to obliterate the influence of the Christian ethos over this place and over myself. I will bring about the slaughter of angels and the execration of the church in the names of Satan, Lilith, Tannin’iver, and Belial. These words I speak are gateways to the black and horrific forces which will blot out the reign of the Autistic Nazarene and wreak havoc upon the fuck-ups that adhere to his doctrine of shit. I call now upon the Dragons of Khaos.
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam [phrase which calls upon the Dragons of Khaos]

Taninsam! Pythonic Aspect of Lilith!
Obliterate these Sephirotic abstractions through a black and acausal flood!
Veniat ad me, Regina Chaosifer (x13) [Come to me, Queen Chaosifer]
Agios ischyros Taninsam [Hallowed be the Sacred Taninsam!]
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam.

Leviathan! Draconic Aspect of the Devil!
Subject this place unto your wrathful demonry and saturate the cathedral with the wrathful pandimensional energies of the primordial ocean of Khaos!
Dessurpur Kajp Giddup Leviathan (x10) [Mantra calling disharmonious acausal energies]
Jaden Tasa Hoet Naca Leviathan (x3) [Mantra which calls forth Leviathan]
Agios ischyros Leviathan! [Hallowed be the Sacred Leviathan]
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam.

The Qliphothic Emissaries of Belial which are known to man as the Sons of Darkness seek out and slaughter the worthless servitors of the Messianic Candy-Ass. I share their contempt for the worthless fucking abortions that elect to service the Sephirotic Deity of Ignorance and Self-Deprecation.
I call now upon the wrathful spirits of the Lord of the Earth: manifest on this plane and slaughter any spirits of Jehovah which are present!
Filii Tenebrarum Triumphantes (x6) [Mantra to rally the Sons of Darkness]
Agilleath Tiddehmos Tlyfos Belial (x5) [Mantra to call upon the forces of Belial]
Iaus Belial! [Exclamation of praise to Belial]

The Impostor Guru and Eternal Virgin who is known as Yeshua and Jesus is an insipid autist and his teachings are corruptions of pre-existent traditions. The Christoid religion has imposed weakness upon humanity: weakness of the mind, and weakness of the spirit. I refuse to be bound by such ideological castrations; I subject this cathedral to the Will of the Infernal.
The obliteration of Nazarene  shackles has made way for the triumph of Will. As I utter these blasphemies the blood of angels is shed and acausal currents obliterate the emanations of the Sephiroth. Fuck the Messianic Cunt Ape, and fuck his worthless disciples. These words of power I have prepared to utter will sow the demise of this temple of sheep. Fuck the worthless Christoid masses.

[The following names and phrases will saturate the cathedral which conflict-breeding, destructive, disharmonious, and chaotic influences]
Aperiatur terra, et germinet CHAOS! (x7)
Alastoros (x4)
Chao ab Ordo (x7)
Porro triumphator in inferno sunt
Et revertetur ad tenebras

Palas Aron Ozinomas,
Baske Bano Tudan Donas,
Geheamel Cla Orlay,
Berec Hé Pantaras Tay!

Fuck Yeshua Christ (x17)
Tohu Tehom Theli Than Leviathan Tanin’iver Taninsam.
Agios ischyros Taninsam! Agios ischyros Leviathan! Iaus Belial!


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