Invocation of the Mistress of Blood

{This rite invokes Mother Earth (referred to as Baphomet the Mother of Blood by the Order of the Nine Angles) for the purpose of spiritually empowering oneself. Baphomet is the Earth itself, so witches of any tradition can perform it and evolve thereby. It is optimal for this ritual to be performed facing the North, and the sigil of Baphomet depicted at the bottom of the script should be placed on the altar or on the floor. It is great for this rite to be performed in a natural area, but any location will do. A jar can be filled with leaves, grass, and dirt and placed on the altar to presence natural energies which will be conducive to the ritual. Focus on feelings of love and/or admiration for the Earth (Baphomet) as you perform the invocation. View yourself as a cub approaching her Mother for nourishment, and you will be received as such– this approach is the best one for calling on any deity or spirit. Read the entirety of the ritual script prior to performing the rite, and feel free to modify or skip any sections which you do not understand, disagree with, or simply dislike. Phrases in italics are to be chanted, and translations of foreign phrases appear in brackets. The chants are translated non-literally so as to best convey their meaning. The word telluric means earthly, gnosis is spiritual knowledge,  the word anados means ascent, and enantiodromia is the process of reaching a balance of opposing characteristics within one’s personality.}
-Best regards from V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum

Ave Baphomet
[Hail Baphomet]
Agia H Baphomet
 [Numinous is Baphomet]
Regina Rubedo Venire (x5) [Queen of the Reddening Come!]
The tellurian gnosis and auspices of Baphomet are the gate to a sacred anados.
I seek union with the Harbinger of the Fifth Initiation
Whose blood-stained hand bears the torch of moonlight.
Beloved is the Mistress and Bride of Nigrescence,
The Mother of Love and Enmity.
Agios ischyros Baphomet (x4) [Numinous and Sacred is Baphomet!]
Regina Rubedo Venire (x4) [Queen of the Reddening Come!]
I seek union with Queen Baphomet
As I seek the union of opposites within.
Baphomet represents Enantiodromia;
She is that which I seek to imitate.
The Dreccian Moons are an icon of balance,
And I must be balanced thereas.
The Bloodbath Empress is the Earth Itself,
And I do so love the Earth.
Agios o Baphomet (x4) [Numinous is Baphomet]
Regina Rubedo Venire  (x5) [Queen of the Reddening! Come to me!]
So it is done.



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