Nazism and the ONA


The following is the transcript of an email I sent to an ONA correspondent.

“While I agree that it is not worth the time to worship Hitler as per esoteric Hitlerism, it is my gnosis that he did gain immortality after death via adroitness in sorcery. One of the essays in the White Order of Thule manuscript collection that I made public in my Obscure ONA Manuscripts post should provide enough evidence of Hitler’s sorceries to do away with any doubts you might have towards this postulation.

In regards to the Lightning and the Sun, I am familiar with the basic premise.

According to Sinister tradition, it is necessary for a traditional nexion to undertake a culling once every 17 years, and the number 17 is significant in numerology. It is considered to represent a lightning bolt, and 17 is the number of squares in a swastika. The number is deemed to be anti-Christian/Christ in nature.

One opfer every 17 years in order to bring about Kalki, or the Antichrist, or Ad-Dajjal. The opfer tarot card (Atu 12) is associated with Vindex the Avenger. When the white magickians in Falcifer: Lord of Darkness said their number was 12, that is what the reference was to. It is also interesting to me that there were 12 rays in the Nazi’s Black Sun symbol. “Opfer” is the German word for sacrifice. A badge called the opfer rune was worn by Nazi soldiers to commemorate the deaths of their fallen comrades. This should make clear exactly what Vindex is coming to avenge. Not the Nazis, not National Socialism, and not Hitler, but the honor and values which the Nazi society personified. The old ONA treatise Nexus – A Guide to Sinister Strategy makes it clear that the weltanschauung [worldview] of racial supremacy is desirable primarily because it is antithetical to the sickness of spirit inherent in Judao Christian belief.

I’m personally not anti-semitic, although I do not balk at racist beliefs from fellow Satanists. The Jews have been kicked out of over 100 countries, and I think this is because of their belief that they are a divine race. They refer to non-Jews as ‘goyim,’ meaning ‘filth.’ Ergo I tenatively posit that racism is the problem, not the solution.”


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