Sacrament to the Wamphyri

The inspiration for this sacrament is a practice for honoring “those who died nameless and forgotten” which was related to me in a book about Hoodoo. The witch should acquire a human skull, preferably authentic, but a decorative/plastic facsimile will suffice. The skull should be adorned with symbols native to the traditions of the Order of the Nine Angles, Drakon Covenant, Tempel ov Blood, and Tempel of Azagthoth, particularly the coffin sigil if it has been revealed to the celebrant. The shield of Vindex, being the symbol which adorns the front of Codex Aristarchus, should be drawn on the skull (whether with paint or sharpies is irrelevant) and the words “Wamphyri”, “Lamia Dei,” and/or “Agios o Scithain” should be written on the skull. These are mere guidelines– the witch may use any phrases or symbols she feels led to use.

If the skull is a facsimile, then the witch may wish to pray to Satan over the skull as follows: “Satanas, Great and Acausal Death-Bearer, bestow the blessing of the death essence which accumulates amongst corpses and bones and saturate this simulacrum therewith. So mote it be!” The prayer should be a request, not a demand. It is best for the witch to think of herself like a cub coming to the mother for nourishment when beseeching the infernal divine. Whisper “Thank you, Lord Satan” or some other expression of gratitude once the spell is complete.

Once the skull is decorated, a glass or other receptacle should be filled with fresh water and placed before the skull, with the following prayer spoken (or a similar one ad libbed). “I offer this glass of fresh water to the Undead Gods, the Ascended Masters of Black Magick and Predation who open the gates to Immortality of the Soul and Cruelty of the Heart. Agios o Wamphyri. Agios o Scithain.”

Once a week, or however often the witch deems appropriate (or otherwise feels led to do), the glass should be emptied and refilled. If the witch feels led to do so, she may partake of the cup’s contents, draining it partially. This will further the evolution of the celebrant.

This sacrament to the Wamphyri will strengthen the patron and matron spirits of our tradition, improve your rapport with them, and if you are permitted to partake of the cup, your personal anados [character] will be furthered and your physis [nature of being] shall be refined. If such things as “currents” exist, then this sacrament will routinely strengthen the “current” of the Drakon Covenant and affiliated groups.

-V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum



2 thoughts on “Sacrament to the Wamphyri

  1. I really enjoyed this and actually plan to put this to use. Also I plan to use various “dirt” as well with the skull such as cemetery and other auspicious places.

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