Element: Fire
Direction: South
D/N: Mostly Nocturnal
Gematria: 75
Colors: Purple, Grey, Blue, Pink, Indigo
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Primary Planetary Attributions: the Moon; Earth
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Neptune; the Sun
Attributed Qliphas (In Order of Significance to Her): Satariel; Nahemoth; Herab Serapel

Laylah/Lailah is mentioned occasionally in the slightest possible detail by various commentators on the Talmud and other such speculations. She is described by these postulations as an angel of the night and a protectress of childbirth and pregnancy. Some commentaries outline her as a determinant of a human’s destiny,  adding that she has the task of escorting spirits to the afterlife. Other authorities allege that she became a demoness. She was of interest to me, so I summoned her so that I learn her true nature from the horse’s mouth.

One of Laylah’s specialties is protective magick and the banishment of undesirable energies. For a spirit who is most powerful at night, she is peculiarly powerful during the hours of daylight as well. She can be called upon to diffuse maledictions and she can reverse the effects of spells. Furthermore, she can strengthen one’s astral double to the point where it is near indestructible.

Laylah can give advice, assistance, and instruction regarding green witchery, hunting, ceremonial magick, archaeology, homicide, theft, astronomy, nutrition, politics, philosophy, neurology, and psychology. The personality traits she can impart or strengthen/develop include intuition, mindfulness, creativity, foresight, and disclipine. She can also improve the witch’s decision-making, reasoning, and organization skills.

Laylah specializes in the creation of egregores and the arts of mind reading and mind control, and she can give teachings regarding Tantra, Psionics, draconic sorcery, Hebdomadry, Norse runes, the mysteries of To Mega Therion and Babalon, the Tree of Wyrd, Santeria, the Eleusinian Mysteries, and solar magick. She can strengthen the witch’s natural psychic defenses and improve her clairaudience and clairsentience.

Laylah can make the witch a better lay. Her guidance and auspices are advantageous for necromantic endeavors and rites to Those Who Died Nameless and Forgotten, as well as in rituals to the Undead Gods. She can be evoked to permanently diminish or cure the symptoms of anxiety disorders and learning disabilities, as well as to help someone get out of legal trouble or get laid.

Laylah can help the magickian open portals, practice astral magick, and work with the Planetary Spirit of the Earth in magick. She can be called upon in spellwork to repair romantic relationships, get somebody employed or promoted, Her auspices are of use in banishing, shielding, and healing spells.

Laylah is both an archangel and an archdemon. She serves both Jehovah and Chavajoth [the gods of Hell]. It is easily possible to serve both agendas simultaneously, as these two pantheons are in no way defined by their conflict with one another, and they have agendas apart from their rivalries with one another.

A fallen angel is a different species of spirit than a demon, but spirits can become hybrids, and they often seek to do so in order to become more powerful. It would appear that Laylah has done this.

lailah-sigilAbove: the Sigil I Created & Use for Laylah

Magickal Chants

Laylah Malka Ha-Malakuma
“Laylah, Queen of the Healing Dead!”

Erige Laylah Ambrosia Pentrale
“Rise, Laylah, Immortal Spirit!”

Vocamus Te Laylah-Noctiferi
“We Call unto Laylah who Brings About Nightfall!”

Laylah Genetrix, Veniat Ad Me
Mother Laylah, Come Into Me!”
Magickal Chant for Invocations of Laylah

Kliffarrah Klarrommah Klahtorrah Lailah Larrothah
Channeled Summoning Chant for Laylah

V.K. Jehannum
Agios Octinomos-Drakosophia


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    1. Oh and also for listing the positives instead of the normal ‘demonic’ stuff. Really tired of the insults.


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