Channeled Summoning Chant: Kliffarrah Klarrommah Klahtorrah Lailah Larrothah
Constructed Summoning Chant: Vocamus te Laylah-Noctiferi
Constructed Summoning Chant: Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Lailah
Invocation Chant: Laylah Genetrix, Veniat Ad Me
Gematria: 75
Planet: Moon; Venus
Qlipha: Nahemoth; Herab Serapel

Once you have experience in evocation, set before you a list of spirits, such as any list of angels or demons, and ask either a spirit, your Higher Self, or a pendulum whether or not you should summon each particular entity. Thereafter, so long as the spirit or pendulum says it is a good idea, summon the being without researching it, and when it appears, ask it to describe itself to you. In this way, you will learn of aspects of the spirits that were hitherto unknown to the public, and aspects which you are not allowed to reveal to the public.

Laylah/Lailah was the perfect example of such an opportunity. She is mentioned occasionally in the slightest possible detail by various commentators on the Talmud and other such speculations. She is described by these postulations as an angel of the night and a protectress of childbirth and pregnancy. Some commentaries outline her as a determinant of a human’s destiny,  adding that she has the task of escorting spirits to the afterlife. Other authorities allege that she became a demoness.

I asked a guiding spirit of mine about her and summoned her myself– here is what I learned.

One of Laylah’s specialties is protective magick and the banishment of undesirable energies. She can be called upon to diffuse maledictions and she can reverse the effects of spells. Furthermore, she can strengthen one’s astral double to the point where it is near indestructible.

Laylah is both an archangel and an archdemon. She serves both Jehovah and Chavajoth [the gods of Hell]. It is easily possible to serve both agendas simultaneously, as these two pantheons are in no way defined by their conflict with one another, and they have agendas apart from their rivalries with one another.

A fallen angel is a different species of spirit than a demon, but spirits can become hybrids, and they often seek to do so in order to become more powerful. Laylah has done this.

The numerical value of the word Laylah is 75– the same value given to Nebuchadnezzar.

Sigil Below:


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