Fitness Tips for Vampyres

  • Take cold showers instead of warm ones. While warm showers lower testosterone, cold showers release the kinds of proteins that are apt for building muscle. If you are not motivated enough to hop into some really cold water, put the dial in the middle for lukewarm water and gradually ease it into the colder regions through the shower.
  • While it is crucial to take in large amounts of protein for optimal muscle growth, the average person can only absorb 20 grams of protein in one meal. The most genetically fortunate of us can absorb 25 grams in a meal.
  • Entities such as Bael, Belial, Orias, Qayen, Qalmana, and more can be evoked and requested to empower one physically.
  • The first half hour after exercise has concluded is called the anabolic window. Sugar and protein should be imbibed within this time frame for optimal gains– the sugar serves to create an insulin spike which helps get the protein where it needs to be ASAP.
  • You build muscle while you sleep, so get plenty of rest.
  • For vampyres, especially the natural born ones, the connection between mind, body, and soul is especially pronounced. As vampyres, we have the most to gain, spiritually speaking, from the attainment of physical fitness.
  • Visualize your muscles growing in strength as you exercise. This is something that vampyres call “augmentation,” and the energetic system of an initiated vampyre is particularly apt for it.
  • Enlist the auspices of a deity you trust to enchant your mattress to augment gains as well as the recovery speed of your muscles.
  • During exercises oriented towards cardio, for which the visualization of gains (augmentation) is inappropriate, Norse runes can serve as a suitable ersatz (replacement). The rune I recommend for this practice is Wunjo, aka Wynn, as it is conducive to physical fitness. This rune should be visualized as red, for not only is red the color generally imputed to runes, but red is the color the one most auspicious to athleticism.
  • The kind of exercise that you undertake is far less important than the regularity of it. If one hundred push-ups a day is all that you have the time/resources to do, then do so. This kind of exercise will make you toned and give you lean endurance-oriented muscles. The sizeable muscles conducive to explosive power can only be attained via weight training.
  • If you are absolutely incapable of motivating yourself to exercise regularly, try the following. Do 10 push-ups today, no more. Do 11 tomorrow. 12 the next day. You will have built a strong habit of physical exercise after less than two weeks and you will barely be putting in any effort. This is a last resort though.
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2 thoughts on “Fitness Tips for Vampyres

  1. Minor correction for a point listed above: explosive power can be developed without weights or equipment, using just body weight exercises. It is not the exercise that makes the difference, so much as the approach to training. Prisoners in solitary confinement (e.g. Charlie Bronson) have shown this repeatedly.

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