Invocation of Sauroctonos

Heil Sauroctonos!

I seek to invoke the Resplendent One in order to further my anados!

Magnify my virtue and strengthen my character to make me worthy of life after death!

Agios o Sauroctonos (x7)

Sauroctonos venire!
Ad Satanas venire Sauroctonos
ad Sephulcrum…
Dei terra,
Agios o Sauroctonos venio!

I seek unity with the Effulgent Charioteer whose seven-stringed lyre echoes throughout the Cosmos! Come forth Sauroctonos; I seek gnosis of you!

Agios o Sauroctonos (x7)

Ich bein Fuhrer Sauroctonos (x7)

As I have spoken, so let it be done.


2 thoughts on “Invocation of Sauroctonos

  1. This invocation uses the Agios o Sauroctonos, a new hymn made by the Temple of Azoth. “Ich bein Fuhrer Sauroctonos” is the mantra I have invented for invoking Sauroctonos, and having him inside you feels gooooooood. “Ich bein” means “I am”.


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