The Temple of THEM

The Temple of THEM (abbreviated as +o+) is an Australian Satanist group which has fluctuated in and out of associated with the Order of the Nine Angles and is currently considered (at least by its members and fans) to be a nexion of the Order. Its literature, provided here, displays a very impressive degree of erudition, and strongly influenced my decision (back in the day) to take the Order of the Nine Angles seriously as a magickal tradition.







Rumors have circulated, by way of both social media and manuscripts, that +o+’s leader, Kris McDermott (aka Ryan Anschauung), does not count as ONA. With that said, such rumors should not be accepted at face value (although anyone who is legitimately ONA knows this). The manuscripts wherein these events are recounted are called Ryan Anschauung and his Temple of THEM and An O9A Education.

The first arena wherein McDermott was deduced to be a poseur (by certain parties) was in a chatroom wherein he purportedly displayed incompetence and incognizance in various fields, including certain unwritten rules of conduct. Unfortunately, as the reader and I are not privy to that chatroom, we cannot reach a conclusion as to the veracity of this deduction. Manuscripts such as Some Advice for Neonates relate that the only way to truly verify whether or not someone is truly of the ONA kind is to know them personally. That bit of advice is a generalization and thus can only be true in general, so it is left to each individual reader to decide what to believe.

Following this, McDermott was invited to a Facebook group and pressed to answer very in-depth questions about the Star Game, which he was unable to answer. His incognizance was deemed to be further proof of his illegitimacy, but as far of proof of mundanity goes, this is rather shaky. The ONA manuscript Sacrementum Sinistrum relates that the construction and mastery of the advanced form of the Star Game is the fourth task of the External Adept (III), and to suggest that anyone below the rank of External Adept is not ONA is errant.

I personally have no opinion (and I can only speak for myself) concerning the validity or honour of the Temple of THEM or its leader, let alone one which I would feel confident relating to the public. I do not know the individuals involved, so any opinion from my corner would be worthless, as is the opinion of just about anyone who would question my legitimacy for failing to vilipend +o+’s literature.

Besides, the conflicts described occurred over two years ago, and the amount of personal development that someone, particularly an occultist, can go through in that amount of time is monumental.

The manuscripts detailing these affairs appear below for context.



-V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum


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