Tips for Theism

  • If a stone is left exposed to the light of day or dark of night, it will accumulate energy from the sunlight and/or moonlight, and within about a week, it will be completely full (i.e. it will be carrying as much energy as it can hold). The witch may hold up a charged stone and ask a spirit to accept all the energy charged within it as an offering.
  • As you become increasingly powerful, more and more spirits will take an interest in you. Some deities are so spiteful and self-centered that they will attack a powerful magickian for choosing not to follow them. Odin is one such entity. One of my first spirit guides warned me to avoid interacting with Odin whatsoever, and I gravely regretted ignoring his warning  when Odin moved against me.
  • If a sigil for a deity cannot be procured, a printed out picture of that deity will suffice. Venerating an image of the spirit is a common practice for Hindus and was a common practice for Egyptians.
  • Once a sigil has been obtained, or a suitable picture has been printed out, the being’s many names (and/or magickal numbers) can be written around the image or sigil to strengthen the connection.
  • Fire, fresh water, and blood are three greatest presencing agents for spirits. Fresh water is optimal for necromancy– it is more effective for ghosts than flame and is less likely to bring the necromancer into an experience that he is not prepared for.
  • Leaving the accumulated energies of ritual unbanished can gradually render your ritual space more and more energetically conducive to the manifestation of spirits. You will be surprised how quick and easy evocations can become.
  • Objects of any kind can be enchanted to make evocation, invocation, or both much easier when they are present. You can ask just about any spirit to enchant an object to this effect on your behalf.
  •  While a Nazi swastika is a powerful tool for presencing infernal energies, Hindu deities will interpret it as blasphemous against them. I have experienced this. I have also seen Dionysus take offense to an inverted cross, as he was part of the inspiration for the Christ myth.
  • Making a HHHHHSSSSSSS sound can be used to raise large amounts of energy very quickly. It generates white noise and pink noise, and it is useful to help you summon any form of spirit you’d like to summon. SSSSSHHHHHH does the opposite. (Source: Typhonian Terratomas and the demon Niantiel)


-V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum


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