Amprodias is the Qliphothic archdemon that you go to when you wish to be transformed into a stone-cold vampyric warrior. The traditional etymological translation of his name is “Vampiric Sylphs,” which I dispute. No magickian has ever disputed the fact that Amprodias is one spirit rather than a group. Then why then is this noun plural?

The nouns Elohim [gods] and Behemoth [beasts] are plural even though they refer to singular entities. The plurality of the names denotes the MAGNITUDE of the entities, not the number of them. Hebrew works like that.

I reposit tradition: the name Amprodias means “Great Vampyric Sylph.”

Amprodias is a Qliphothic Aachdemon who inhabits one of the Tunnels of Set– the trails between the realms of the Qliphoth. To be specific, he resides between Thaumiel (Satan & Molock/Pluto & Neptune) and Ghagiel (Baelzebuth/Uranus). He was introduced to the public in Liber 231 by Aleister Crowley, wherein Crowley presented the reader with the names of the archdemons who reside within the Infernal Tunnels and ascribed sigils to them. In Qabalah, Qliphoth, and Goetic Magic, Thomas Karlsson presented new sigils for these beings. Either sigil is effective, so if you can, bring both.

Amprodias imparts the knowledge of vampyrism of both kinds. He teaches what I call vampyric mind tricks and teaches the sorcerer to see through linear/causal thought. He gives gnosis about the transpersonal chakras. He can help the sorcerer program predatorial thoughtforms, homoncula, golems, or egregores.


Amprodias is a harsh teacher. He appeared to my newest apprentice as a massive bat without a face. While he is a hermaphrodite, he often manifests as male.

Amprodias can increase the physical reflexes of the witch and and augment her slow-twitch muscle fibers. He can permanently modify the Satanist’s personality. He can make the witch courageous in conflict, quick-witted in terms of analysis, persuasive in conversation, and grant the interpersonal skills required for leadership and the arousal of dissent. He can remove addictions, inhibitions, phobias, delusions, and he can cause the witch to think more objectively. He is a fan of the “Fourth Way” philosophy instructed by G.I. Gurdjieff and P.D. Ouspensky. The first time I called on him to alter my personality, I asked him to give me the disposition of a warrior and the disposition of a predator in perfect harmony.

-V.K. Jehannum



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