Names of Davcina/Damkina

JA Coleman on Damkina-Davcina

The picture is a screenshot of an excerpt of J.A. Coleman’s book the Dictionary of Mythology. The purpose of this article is provide a list of all the names which Davcina was known as in Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Akkadian, and Babylonian mythology, as well as their varied etymological translations. The name Nin-ki/Ninki is translated to mean “Mistress of Earth.”

Ninhursag, Ninhursaga, Ninchursanga, Ninkharsag: “Lady of the Sacred Mountain,” “Lady Stone Head,” and “Lady Mountain”

Ninmah: “Great Queen” or “Lady Exalted” (This was Ninhursag’s name before she took the name Ninhursag)

Ninmena/Ninmenna: Sumerian mother goddess who was syncretized with Ninhursag

Mami, Mamma: “Mother” (another title for Ninhursag)

Mammitum/Mammetun: “Mother/Maker of Fate” (another title for Mami/Ninhursag)


Nin-ki, Ninki: “Lady of that which is Below” or “Mistress of the Earth”

Nintu, Nintur, Nintud: “Lady of Birth” (title of Ninhursag)

Damkina; Dam-Kinu; Damku; Danke; Dav-kina; Daukina/Dawkina; : “Faithful Wife”

Dauce: Greek variate of the name above, pronounced “Daw-KEY”

Belet-ili, Nin-ili, Belet-Dingirmes: Mistress of the Gods

Damgulanna, Damgalnunna, Damgalnuna, Damgalminna: “Great Wife of Heaven,” “Wife of the Great Prince,” and “Big Lady of the Waters”

Shassuru: Womb Goddess

Gashan-ki: Lady of the Earth

Tabsut ili: Midwife of the Gods

Uriash Damkina: “Lady of That Which is Below”

Dannina: “Stronghold” (term for the underworld)



One thought on “Names of Davcina/Damkina

  1. I have recently learned that Ninhursag was purported to have Sulpae as her consort, and Sulpae is a personification of Jupiter. Jupiter would be the sphere that Anton Long related Davcina to.


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