(Above: Original Sigil of Davcina covered in Kaos Butterfly/BlueEyedDevil999’s blood)

Davcina (Dav-KEY-Nah) is a Mother Goddess of the Earth who presides over opulence and astrological magick, which is the calling upon of stellar or planetary influences for sorcery. Her elemental affiliation is primarily earth and secondarily water. Davcina presides over reincarnation, death, and child-bearing. Davcina can be invoked for workings inducing wisdom, harmony, success, conflict, and enchantment.

As a psychopomp, she can be called upon for the memory of past lives, achieving communication with the Inner Daemon, and the process of individuation.

Davcina is the Guardian of Nature’s generative forces, and Anton Long related her to the sphere of Jupiter. She corresponds to the 19th trail on the Tree of Wyrd (Jupiter -> Mars) and the third card of the Sinister tarot. This card, called the Mistress of Earth, denotes “Empathic manipulation (such as ‘enchantment’) to create Change via causal structure –
amoral acts that may conventionally be seen as ‘evil’. Actions provoked by unfettered
passions and a reveling in the physical pleasures and challenges of life. ‘Ruthless ambition.’ Creativity and Change via destruction – ie. War, culling.”

Davcina was venerated in Sumer, Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Babylon under the names Damkina, Ninhursag/Ninchursanga and Damgalnuna/Damgalnunna. Each of these names signifies a separate aspect of the same being. Her magickal numbers are 91, 21, and 61.

Chloe 352 traced the name Davcina to the Sumerian Devi-jin/Devi-Jan[a]/Devi-genos which translate to “Mother Goddess of the mankind/ or jin.” This etymology, which appeared in 121 Year of the Fayen’s first edition of Fenrir magazine (published 2009 Anno Maleficarum), was tenative, but Chloe claims to have “medium to high confidence” in it.  As she explained, “[The] Chinese word for a human/man/person is ‘Jin’ which in some dialects is pronounced ‘Chin/Chen.’ I would say that this word is related to the Sanskrit word ‘Jan/Jana’ which means ‘Tribe/human/man/person.'”

Original Chants/Mantras to Davcina

The mantras and lyrics which follow are to be chanted in a monotone but rhythmic whisper. Each chant has its own spiritual effects.

“Ia Davcina, Belatis-Dingir-Dingir!”
[Translation: Hail Davcina, Lady-Ruler of the Gods!]
(Calls upon the power of Davcina, drastically raising the spiritual atmosphere of the area and attaining single-mindedness)

“Matrum Deum!/ Sancta Davcina!/ Agios es,/ Nunc et in omnia saecula!/ Agios o Davcina!/ Agios o Pharmaceutria!”
[Translation: Mother of the Gods! Holy Davcina! Hallowed art thou,/ Now and for all days!/ Hallowed be Davcina!/ Hallowed be the Sorceress!]
(blasphemes the virgin mary and yeshua the christ, praises Davcina, and empowers + activates any crystals, sigils, or plant-life in the ritual space)

“Matrum deum, Dea finis, veni et germinet gnosis!”
[Translation: Mother of the gods, Goddess of destiny, come and bring forth gnosis]
(Calls upon Davcina to help the witch talk to their Inner Daemon or remember past lives)

“Agios es, Sancta Davcina”
[Translation from Latin: Hallowed art thou, Holy Davcina]
(Praises Davcina & blasphemes the virgin mary)

-V.K. Jehannum
2016 Anno Maleficarum


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