Commentary on Liber 21 by Asha’Shedim

What follows is a commentary on a brief treatise by Asha’Shedim/John Putigano/Aka Paimon called Liber 21. It is presented like a riddle which I intend to solve. Here is the file in its entirety. I do not agree with the prophecies included in its last two verses.
Liber 21

It’s separated into eight numbered verses and said to be written with Gematria. After the eight verses follow a few paragraphs elaborating on them. Excerpts from the text will appear in normal-colored font.

  1. Those who master their art and align with the lawless are those who will be free.

The “art” is clearly magick with a k. K is the eighth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and since 8 is the number of the Great Work (communion with the Higher Self).
“The lawless” appears to the forces of infernality. The postulation that those who follow the Azerate/Havayoth will attain freedom is contingent upon the Gnostic belief that Yahweh created the Cosmos and keeps mankind imprisoned therein, restraining our spiritual potential thereby.

2. Descendants of Qayin, do not stop your journey, for a union awaits you.

This refers to the belief that Qayin/Cain/Qabeel was a Satanist and the founder of the Satanic path. Asha’Shedim, among other authors, believes that Qayin and his “twin” Qalmana/Luluwa were the first Satanists who murdered their siblings Abel/Habeel and their female fourth sibling.
In order to understand the truth contained within this narrative, one must understand the way that Hebrew writers recorded knowledge. The ideas of historicity and factual information are rather modern inventions– prior authors recounted truths about people(s) through fictitious narratives which serve to illustrate their character.
If a Hebrew writer were to write about Asha’Shedim and introduce his character to the audience by writing that “Asha’Shedim once hexed an entire coven and brought about their deaths in doing so.” While this never happened, it conveys the truth that Asha’Shedim is an incredibly magickally powerful person. My source for this manner of interpreting myth is a Biblical scholar named Reza Azlan.
In reading the narrative about Qayin and Luluwa, one should not assume that they are literally twin siblings. I consulted Ba’al on the historicity of this narrative and found it not to be literally true in various regards, although the “twins” were indeed literal humans and were the first witches.
The “union” mentioned in the verse refers to the union of opposites purveyed by Eliphas Levi’s illustration of the Goat of Mendes which has come to be named Baphomet, who is also called Octinomos. The union of opposites, which is a dissolution of the ego, is the end goal of magick and alchemy, and David Myatt calls it enantiodromia.

3. The gift is waiting for you in union of Choronzon-Sophia.

The gift would be the philosopher’s stone. I do not know much regarding Choronzon or Sophia, but I would guess that Choronzon represents (in this context) the dissolution of the ego and that Sophia represents the azoth/akasha/fifth element present within matter and mankind, or something else which symbolizes the root of mankind’s latent spiritual potentiality.
When an Occultist refers to the “ego,” they are not speaking in the colloquial sense (“ego” is colloquially used to signify hubris). They refer to the illusion, which is an illusion of matter/causality, of self-definition– our errant idea of who we are as people.

4. But a message has been delivered, hidden in numbers. The secret number is 21.

21 represents the union of opposites as well as the Black Flame which imparts individuality/separation unto humanity. 2 is considered to be a Satanic number in Judao-Mysticism, as it symbolizes the division of the unity which Yahweh is alleged to represent. This unity is symbolized by the number 1.

5a. To awaken the blind one the blood of humans must be shed to the Blood Mother. Sacrifice in her honor. Pour the blood with milk and honor with song, but be sure to praise the dark lord first.

The blind one is Tanin’iver, the serpent used to represent the latent Kundalini. The Blood Mother is the Sevenfold Way’s variate of Baphomet, who once again represents the conclusion of the Great Work. The last stage of the Great Work is called rubedo [reddening].
Milk is representative of semen; the mixture of menstrual blood (uncreative) with semen (procreative) is symbolic of the union of opposites.

-V.K. Jehannum, 2016 Anno Maleficarum



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