WSA 352 Plagiarized the Temple of Set

You’ll never catch me talking shit about the Temple of Set for one simple reason: I don’t know their material. Once I’ve reread Black Magic by Aquino attempted some of the 66 Secret Setian Rites you can bet I’ll give my full goddamn review.

One group that constantly talks shit about the Temple of Set is a nexion (grotto) of the Order of the Nine Angles called WSA 352– a group of “Progressive Satanists” with strong influences from gang culture and oriental spirituality. The name stands for Waffen-Schaft Azagthoth, which basically translates to army/soldiers of Azagthoth, the supreme being in ONA cosmology and old Islamic belief.

One of the WSA 352’s main texts is called Opus Vrillis, a very expansive work which contains, among other things, a series of rituals. Among these rituals is one called the Bond of Nine Angles, which draws heavily on Lovecraftian imagery.

The problem is, this ritual is very clearly based off of the Ceremony of the Nine Angles, which appears in the Satanic Rituals by Anton Szandor LaVey. According to Church of Satan by Michael Aquino, Aquino ghost-wrote the ritual for LaVey– a postulation that I can attest to the truth of, since Aquino has since published translations of the fake language he created for the Ceremony.

The Bond even deliberately plagiarizes several lines from the source material, such as the opening “Let us do honor to Azathoth, without whose laughter we would not be.” While there are several WSA 352-specific chants used within the rite, the rite is still very much a regurgitation.

This is reminiscent of a lady who talks shit about her ex 24/7 while booty calling him and flicking the bean in memory of doing so. If she wants to fuck him, she should just own it, and the existence of the Bond should be interpreted as a direct and telling endorsement of Michael Aquino’s magickal teachings. Personally, I cannot second the endorsement, because I hardly know shit about ToS and I’m not going to pontificate about its values.

I am posting this as a lesson to students of the Left Hand Path– do not disregard a tradition you have no experience or comprehension of, because the people telling you to hate that magickal school might be plagiarizing it deliberately.

-V.K. Jehannum


3 thoughts on “WSA 352 Plagiarized the Temple of Set

  1. This is even more interesting considering the fact that the exchanges between Aquino and Long ultimately created the very vivid separation between the two current which, lets be honest, did not paint the ToS and the CoS in a very good light. From what I remember, I thought that WSA was very much opposed/critial of the ToS, especially of Aquino.


    1. Those exchanges were pretty old, and yes, Aquino got squashed.
      You are correct about the WSA– they are very consistently critical of ToS and its past leader Aquino. That’s the saddest part of this entire phenomenon.
      A lot of the rancor which the ONA holds for the ToS stems from the misconception that the Temple purports to be Satanic– it does not.


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