Rituals of Blasphemy to Cleanse the Mind of Latent Indoctrination

In my dream, I had peeled back the window curtain of my bedchamber and been startled by the appearance of a pitch-black fiend. Startled and stumbling backwards, I called out to Jehovah for help.

I was mad at myself after having this dream, but it served as a reminder to cleanse myself of my fundamentalist childhood indoctrination via blasphemous rites and chants.

My second reminder came from when I was walking by a church to my high school– I was 17. I felt a sudden dread for the damnation promised to me by Christians. While I knew, intellectually, for certain that I had no perdition to fear, that didn’t cause the fear to abate.

These experiences, while clearly significant at the time when they occurred, have not recurred in years. However, I have met several younger Satanists who experienced that dread, and two who even had dreams very similar to mine.

Ergo, I have decided to link to a ritual by Daemon Caliph/Stephen Bleach which blasphemes Yehowah.

The Demonic Bible has several hermetic rites of blasphemy which may be performed in a very short period of time.

The Order of the Nine Angles’s Black Book of Satan and Anton Szandor LaVey’s The Satanic Rituals both have blasphemous rites which are meant for groups. If the individual desires a solitary rite and is unsatisfied by the Hermetic rites cited above, he may copy and paste lines from the group rites in the books below to make a ritual suited to his aesthetic desires.

My citation/provision of these rites should not be interpreted as endorsements of the source texts, the authors, or the philosophies they espouse.

-V.K. Jehannum


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