State of the Order

This article is a commentary-format response to an article which can be found here:

The segments of his article appear in white font, and my rebuttals will appear between his postulations.

You know Dave… I was thinking today.

He’s referring to David Myatt. I somehow managed to miss that the first time.

…I’ll just go sit in the corner now.

Based on what I have seen of the Internet O9A, I’d say o9a 2.0 is dead.

Dead as in… you (general you) have edgy kids with “nexions” that role play as vampires. You’ve got kids that worship Satan and demons. You got guys who are into kiddie love. People who don’t understand what an outer form is. You tell them satanism is a former, and they really worship satan. Tell them National Socialism is a useful form and they really become neo-nazis.

Psychic vampyrism is a spiritual technique, and like any other magickal discipline, it causes certain changes in the initiate over time. By this, I refer to a largely involuntary magnetism which makes one appear, for example, more trustworthy, or more sexually desirable, to others. That is to say, it furthers personal enantiodromia [evolution/alchemy] and augments one’s ability to influence, guide, and corrupt other people.

Furthermore, it preserves the physical trait of neoteny through old age and augments overall vitality. While there are many more effects, the point that I am trying to make is that vampyrism is not merely “roleplay.” Individuals of sufficient psychic aptitude can discern this rather easily– that’s why countless Satanic, Thelemic, Wiccan, and Setian spiritualists have written warnings about our kind.

While Satanism and the O9A are in no way defined by one another, there is no reason that they cannot be reconciled, in whole or in part. If a Niner can adopt Traditional or Progressive Satanism as a causal form for the advancement of the Sinister Dialectic, then a Theistic Satanist, Luciferian, or Demonolater can adopt the advancement of the Sinister Dialectic as a means of acting upon her values and serving the intent of her guiding spirits. After all, if Traditional and Progressive Satanism are indeed valid forms for the propagation of the Sinister Dialect, why would Satanism become ineffective or invalid if the witch is truly dedicated to it?

I am glad that you denounced the use and advocacy of pedophilic rape as a means for advancing the Sinister Dialectic of history. The Faustian-Promethean aims which motivate the Order of the Nine Angles clearly contraindicate the molestation of children. I know people who have been molested in their youths, and this encounter has always seemed to be non-conducive to personal anados [ascent], and thus counterproductive to the goals of the Sevenfold Way.

But, you are still errant when you disparage genuine Diabolists and sincere neo-Nazis. You are acting as if someone who supports the goals of the ONA must treat their religious and political views as trivial and disposable in order to do so. If that is the case, why is it so?

The types of people, kids, with these Internet “nexions” are not the type to put in work to work on o9a goals, agendas.

By “these kids,” you are referring to the neo-Nazis, Devil Worshippers, and pedophiles?

Are you really suggesting that neo-Nazis who occasionally write things on the internet never indulge in practical subversion? Are you implying that Devil Worshippers never indulge in real life violence? Are you implying that pedophiles never infiltrate political or religious systems?

I think it’s time to really consider “returning to the dark.” And consider this Internet experiment to be a failure.

Why would you be writing this essay online if you felt that way?

It’s kinda silly to believe that these types with the Internet “nexions” will actually be productive, regarding your aims and agendas. Know what I’m sayin?


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