Vampyrizing the Target’s Astral Double

This spell serves to call a target’s astral double out of his body and to your location so that you may feed upon it. It is a solitary practice and is best performed when the target is asleep.

Sit alone in the dark in front of a candle. Visualize the target hovering in the air in front of you, right over the candle. Make a hissing noise three times. “HHHHHHSSSS!”

Keep visualizing the target, and bring to mind all of his personality traits.

Eventually, the target’s astral double will be floating in front of you. Shoot your tendrils into the target and inhale. Feed on him until he has no energy left.

(Optional: If you have a pouch of grave dirt or something else which generates Death Energy, you may have this with you when you perform this spell. Once the target has no energy left, move the grey energy into the astral double of the target.

(Once you have filled the target’s astral double with Death Energy, visualize an Isa rune over the astral double. Mentally will the Death Energy to continue to be Death Energy no matter what, and will it to stay in the astral double, and vibrate “EYE-SUH” out loud thrice as you do.)

Thereafter, command the astral double to return to its flesh.

(Note: the HHHHHSSS noise makes a lot of white and pink noise that makes it easier for the spirit to manifest/arrive. Never hiss at a spirit which is already present unless it asks you to.)

If you would like, you may, at any point after the astral double has appeared, visualize a red thurs rune glowing over the astral double. Focus your hatred into the symbol and thus into the astral double as you vibrate “TTTTHHHHHUUUUUURRRRRSSSSSS” (weh should sound like the we in wet) however many times you like. This will inflict suffering upon the astral double, likely inciting nightmares in the victim.

I’m posting a link to where I’ve written more about vampyrism, for anyone seeking guidance:


20 thoughts on “Vampyrizing the Target’s Astral Double

  1. …and, is it possible to feed/inflict suffering from/to more than one person at the time?
    and how long will it take for the person die after DE step, and is that step only effective if put the intention? because I did it before I gave them nightmares, since I wasn’t aware the DE step was to kill, I didn’t have the intention to kill anyone, just shake them really good with nightmares.


    1. This spell is not suitable for multiple simultaneous targets, no. DE ain’t always lethal but it’s always detrimental. Death spells can take quite a while, sometimes even years, and you’ll probably have to suffuse the astral double on more than one occasion to seal the deal.


      1. well, death will eventually come for all of us, lol, I am not invalidating your spell here thou, I was wondering about the nightmares, since I am able to give sexual dreams, the nightmares spell is a new tool I know will come very handy, although something out of my control happens to those who wrong me, giving nightmares at will make me at control. thanks.


  2. thanks, I am looking for astral plane tantrik feeding, I have run into living vampires capable of this phenomena , and people who had been feed from as well, I just want to know if there is any actual research or material about this.


    1. Under “the Septenary Way” category, if you scroll down enough, I have two different caches of vampyric manuscripts (MSS) by a few different Satanic groups. Much of what is contained there will be what you are looking for.


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