Orias, Ornias, Oriax (Goetia #59)

Alternate Names: Ornias, Oriax, Orias
D/N: Nocturnal
Date: Nov 2-12
Zodiac: Scorpio 10-20
Path: Nun
Color: Violet
Tarot: 6 of Cups
Metal: Silver
Gematria: 307, 1117
Planet: Moon
Incense: Jasmine
Rank: Marquis
Element: Air

oriasAbove: Orias by G.A. Rosenberg
Art Source: http://wakingspirals.com/wp/index.php/goetia/nggallery/page/3

Oriax is a dark and black-hearted predator who teaches the witch to cast away unnecessary compassion. He imparts the ability to see auras and spirits. He hardens ones heart against phobias and social rejection. Oriax can make the witch more perceptive. He can also make the witch more analytical. Imparts vampyric power.

Orias appeared to me as a vicious-looking man in black street clothes with pure white flesh, clawed hands, and two big, red eyes, which each lacked both pupil and iris but had spots of orange in the middle. His mouth lacked lips and his teeth were fangs.

Orias is a teacher of astrological magick, and helps the witch harness it to purify her being. He is also knowledgable regarding astrology, astronomy, necromancy, and divination. He brings about the transformation of men and the suffering of the profane. He affords positions of power to the witch and presents her with the opportunity to prove her worthiness of the influence she has. He begets transformation, grants favor from the target, helps improve physical fitness, and increases will power.

Ornias is the Prince of Gamaliel, the Realm/Husk of Hell ruled by Lilith. He holds dominion over transformation, prediction, sadism, prophecy, destruction, astrology, lust for death, honors, blood magick, and the location of treasure. He’s a harbinger of vampyric initiation and vampyric power who enslaves his victims to the darker aspects of themselves. He rules armies of succubi and incubi whom he directs to wreak havoc upon the profane.


Wikipedia has this to say about Orias: “he also gives dignities, prelacies, and the favour of friends and foes, and can metamorphose a man into any shape. According to other demonologists, Orias knows and teaches all forms of divination, and is the protector of astrologists and diviners. He is depicted as a lion with the tail of a serpent or a man with the face of a lion, holding two hissing serpents in his right hand, and riding a horse. Other depictions show him as a man with serpents instead of legs, carrying two snakes, one in each hand, and riding a mule.”

John R. King IV called Orias “a cold and sadistic spirit,” even though he was “calm and rational.” Oriax explained that his name meant “ARY-ATz” which refers to a method of “hunting lions by waiting in a tree.” Orias appeared to mister King as a male African pinning a lion down and holding hissing snakes in his other hand.

Daemonolatry Goetia by Stephany Conolly
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Aleister Crowley’s Illustrated Goetia
Liber Azerate by the 218 Current
Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik


-V.K. Jehannum


2 thoughts on “Orias, Ornias, Oriax (Goetia #59)

  1. I saw an interesting post on Facebook. It said “I would like to thank Orias. When you want to receive a call and you know that the person will only call you if she change her mind… he is the demon”


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