Eisheth Zennunim

Alternate names: Eisheth Zennunim, Eisheth Zenanim
Qodesha: [Temple/Sacred] Prostitute
Aisha Qandisha/Aicha Qandicha: She who Loves to be Showered [in seminal fluids]
Eisheth, alongside Lilith, Naamah, and Aggereth, is a Fallen Angel of Prostitution. By prostitution, I do not simply refer to streetwalking– I refer to clerical sex workers who use their reproductive organs for ceremonial worship and magick. These Four govern prostitution in general, but ritualized sex magick in particular. The name Aisha Qandisha means “Loving to be Showered” in sperm. This refers to ceremonial circle-jerks used to sacrifice semen to Astarte, or Asteroth Karnaim [Asteroth of the Two Horns], which is also Isis. Asteroth was a fertility Goddess.

Eisheth is listed by some authors as the oldest of the Four and by others as the youngest of the Four. This supports David Myatt’s notion that time flows in more than one direction in the astral plane.

Eisheth is the Mother of Vampyric Healing– the art of aiding the convalescence of an ill or injured person by sucking the negative energy out of them, refining it and programming it for healing, and putting it back into the victim.

Eisheth is a solar Spirit– T.B. Scott describes Her as appearing in golden robes with a six-pointed solar crown, and my coven can attest to this description. Allow me to analyze this appearance: gold is not just the color of the sun, but the color of the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of personal power and strength of will, including the True Will (Thelema). Six is the number of the sun, and also the number of points in a hexagram. The hexagram symbolizes the union of the feminine and masculine, which is androgyny or sex. It also represents union with the Higher Self. The sun was always female in German mythology.

The traditional description of Aisha Qandisha was as a beautiful Woman with the feet of a goat. Bestial legs was a metaphorical symbol for unrestrained carnality. She was found near wells and waterways, dressing naked from the waist up, to entice anyone nearby. She enslaved those She seduced. This can be interpreted as Her misleading wayward students of the Right Hand Path and trapping them within guilt, obstructing their relationship with the messianic ape.

T.B. Scott associates Qodesha with the sixth Qlipha or Husk (of Hell), which is Thagiriron/Tageririon/Togarini. This is the house of the Black Sun and its Ruler is Belphegor. Belphegor, who was worshipped as a giant Phallus, is the masculine Aspect of the Black Sun whereas Isheth is the muliebral Aspect. Thagiriron means “The Disputers” or “Those Who Bellow Grief and Tears.” Within Togarini dwell a species of demons called the Zomiel, whose name means the revolt against God. This name can be interpreted as the revolt against comformity, complacence, or unity. Isheth dwells within the Qlippoth/Hell and eats the souls of the Dead, over which Belphegor holds dominion. I.e., Eisheth eats Christian P.O.W.s.

Eisheth is renowned for Her gentleness (with Her disciples). She is the Protectress of the Initiate, though She is a bitter Misanthrope in regard to the uninitiated. She governs the expression of human sexuality in all of its forms. She is a Harbinger of destruction, despair and dissolution, and She also bears peace, protection, well-being, and recovery.

She is purported to have led a rebellion against Muslims.

Eisheth holds dominion over the attainment of funds, the destruction of enemies, wisdom, Vampyrism (especially psychic), dreams which beget healing, dream walking in the hours of daylight, mind tricks, and apotropaism.

Enn (Summoning Mantra): Amakesh Alaresh Eisheth Zenanim

-V.K. Jehannum



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