Transpersonal Chakras

The transpersonal chakras, of which there are three, levitate above the magickian’s head and provide a method of strengthening contact with the Higher Self, the Qlippoth, and the Black Light. To open any chakra, simply visualize it and vibrate an appropriate mantra until you feel it open. Thereafter, continue to meditate upon it for a few minutes– stop if pain ensues. If you have not opened the seven chakras of the body, do so. To do what follows is easy, and it grants much power.

The first of these is the Soul Star Chakra, which is white and roughly six inches above the head. This chakra is your link to your Higher Self and a powerhouse of spiritual ability– think of it like the crown chakra on steriods. Visualize it becoming brilliant white and vibrate “Octinimos,” which is a name for Baphomet. The Baphomet is symbolic of, among other things, the union of the magickian with his Higher Self. The number 8 corresponds to the Great Work.

The next is the Spirit Chakra, and it is slightly above the Soul Star Chakra. Visualize it as pale violet, and imagine it turning into a rainbow of colors. This chakra has been said to be the magickian’s connection to Kether, a misconception stemming from the commonplace Occult belief that the Sephiroth is the end-all be-all of existence, when it is clearly not. Kether corresponds to the Primary Emanation just like Binah and Satariel correspond to Saturn– neither Binah nor Satariel is Saturn itself, so we will conclude that Kether is just a sphere attributed to the Primary Emanation– which primary emanation the Spirit Chakra connects us to. Vibrate “Thaumiel” until it is opened.

The third, which is above the second, is brilliant gold. It is said that the entirety of humanity shares one third transpersonal chakra, which is true. Vibrate the phrase “Or She-in bo Mashavah,” which is a name for the Black Light of Sitra Ahra.

So it is done.

To get the best results with the transpersonal chakras, you’ll have to open the subpersonal charkas as well. My instructions for this are as follows:

-V.K. Uridimmus Jehannum


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