What to do When You’ve Pissed Off a Spirit

So you’ve pissed off a spirit, either by being directly disrespectful to it, or maybe even by trying to force it to do your will. Stuff like this happens a lot, and the procedure laid out here is almost always effective in bringing an end to the vengeance which the spirit seeks to bring upon you.

Start with a heartfelt apology. Address the spirit and let it know that you’re speaking to it.

– Tell it that you were misinformed, inexperienced, and unaware of what you were doing.

-Humble yourself. Acknowledge, out loud, that this spirit is older than you, wiser than you, and more powerful than you. Admit that you had not right to mistreat, boss around, or disrespect the spirit the way that you did.

-Say that you are sorry.

-Tell the spirit that you have learned your lesson and will refrain from that sort of behavior in the future– or that you will TRY to avoid such behavior in the future. What it comes down to is conveying that you INTEND TO CHANGE the way you interact with the spirit world.

While this next step will most likely be unnecessary, you can make an offering of the following varieties.

-Pour some alcohol into the grass as a sacrificial libation.

-Toss two quarters into a stream or other body of water as an offering.

-Burn a cigarette like incense as an offering.

-Burn actual incense as an offering.

-Leave some form of vegetables or fruit in the bushes or woods as an offering.

Always tell the spirit that you are performing this action as an offering. You can make the apology and offering on separate occasions– just make sure to tell the spirit that you intend to make an offering on a later occasion the night that you apologize to it. Do not offer the spirit your semen or blood, as this would form a lasting connection between you and it.

If this fails and the spirit continues to seek vengeance against you (unlikely), say a prayer to a deity like Hecate. Tell Hecate, Odin, Jesus Christ, Satan, Tara, or Ereshkygal that you made a mistake and trespassed against a spirit in ignorance. Tell Hecate or whichever deity you selected that you have apologized to the spirit and made offerings unto it, and that the spirit still seeks to cause you suffering. Make an offering to the deity and ask it to save you by intimidating the spirit so that it does not harm you any longer. Your problems with the spirit will most likely end, and if they do end, rest assured that you will never hear from the spirit again.

-V.K. Jehannum


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