The Satanist is One of the Pride

Every religion boils down, essentially, to a method of self-improvement. Every religion lays out its instructions about how the practitioner should change her life and her personality in order to best live by the values of her religion and actualize the goals of her religion.

If I were to become a Christian today, I would have to divest myself of jealousy/ambition, stop flirting with charming gay men, stop seeking the destruction of the enemies of my clan, and start helping people I’ve never fucking heard of.

If a Christian were to become a Satanist right now, she would start exercising, meditate daily, question what she takes for granted, and seek the destruction of those who oppose her and her kin.

Some say that the Satanist must have morals, others say that the Satanist must have honor. What we agree on is that the Satanist must strive for power. She must become more physically fit, more psychically perceptive, more magickally powerful, more intelligent and intellectual, more independent and individual, and more driven and focused.

The end goal of Satanism, Demonolatry, the Luciferian Path, and the rest of us is anados– self-imposed alchemical evolution. The Christian seeks to become the perfect sheep so that she may serve Yahweh forever, and submit for all eternity. The Satanist seeks to become a Goddess herself so that she may bring about her Thelema, her True Will, .both in this life and the next.

In short, the Christian seeks to become one of the flock, and the Satanist seeks to become one of the pride.

-V.K. Jehannum


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