Should One Summon Spirits Without Researching Them?

Various occult groups push the witch to perform evocations of spirits which interest them without researching them ahead of time. The idea then is to get to know the spirit by sensing things about it and asking it about itself. The witch’s absence of preconceived notions allows the spirit to delineate the aspects/specialties of itself which are most relevant to the needs of the witch. A plethora of preconceived ideas will prevent you from truly understanding the spirit and make it difficult for the spirit to communicate its other faculties to you. The end result is that the witch contemplates the spirit instead of learning about the spirit.

There is much to be gained by summoning spirits you don’t understand, which is why I’ve done it almost 30 times. It is through this approach that I have learned things about the demons I have sought that has likely never been published before.

So it is indeed advantageous to summon spirits without researching them. But that doesn’t mean that any particular witch should undertake the endeavor.

When I summoned spirits sans research, I did so under the guidance of spirits whom I had learned to trust long ago. I sat a list of names before me and determined which I should work with via pendulum divination. That is to say, I knew which spirits I would benefit from evoking in advance.

I cannot in good conscience tell witches to summon randomly selected spirits without any research at all. This can bring about undesirable consequences.

So unless you can determine whether or not any particular spirit will be beneficial to you when summoned, you will most likely be better off researching the spirits in advance, no matter what any pre-existent order says.

-V.K. Jehannum


2 thoughts on “Should One Summon Spirits Without Researching Them?

  1. Not a good idea in my opinion. That’s why divination is important to perform before working with a spirit to see what the outcome will be. Summoning blindly is like asking a fireman and asking him if he knows how to cook.

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