Vampyric Literature: the Drakon Covenant

I am uploading, for the convenience of the reader, all of the publicly released manuscripts of the Drakon Covenant.

Drakon Covenant Preliminary Praxis

Drakon Covenant Noviciate

Drakon Covenant MSS

Now, here is a Drakon Covenant manuscript containing the teachings of the Tempel of Azagthoth, a now extant cult which was deeply influential in the development of DC. Thereafter is an archived copy of the ToA’s now non-existent website. While most of the website’s content is reproduced in DC’s ToA manuscript, both the website and the manuscript have content which the other does not.

Temple of Azagthoth Assorted Writings

Here follow two more ToA essays which I believe do not appear on either the website or in the PDF.

Teachings Of Narayana Vampirism

Our Home Of Punishement

DC briefly entertained the notion of creating a front group called the Yorkshire Vampire Coven which would teach vampyrism and other DC teachings without the Sinister context. That is to say, it served to teach vampyrism to an audience which was not ready to be as extreme as the ONA, wherefrom DC could select, vet, and groom witches for future DC involution. This is a manuscript made for them. Read the whole thing (it’s a couple pages), as not all of it is encompassed by the prior ToA sources.

YVC Tendril



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