Vampyric Literature: ONA and ONA-Inspired

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Here is the books and blog of the Tempel ov Blood, an O9A offshoot focused on psychic vampyrism. The reader will notice various similarities between DC and ToB, but the differences between the two are significant.

Liber 333 (this book reproduces various ToA essays as well. none of what it includes are missing in the prior ToA sources).

Tales of Sinister Influence (this is a series of allegories, a couple of which are included in Liber 333) (Current blog) (previous blog, currently disavowed)

Here are some of the vampyric PDF’s released by Hagur. I am only uploading the ones which include a few useful essays, sometimes lodged between useless or errant ones.

Lifeforce for Psychic Vampires and Humans

Vampiric Psychic Manual

Vampiric Personal Magnetism

Vampire Transformation

Lilith Goddess and Queen of Demons

This incredibly old PDF dates back to the days Michael Ford’s Black Order of the Dragon was associated with the Tempel of Azagthoth, a Grotto or “Nexion” of the Order of the Nine Angles. While Ford was indeed associated with the ONA, my ONA contacts tell me that he was not the writer known as Thornian.

Book of Wampyri Magick

Of all of Ford’s books about vampyrism, the only one I can recommend is Book of the Witch Moon: Choronzon Edition.


Lastly, here is my essay on psychic vampyrism.


4 thoughts on “Vampyric Literature: ONA and ONA-Inspired

  1. “Matanbuchus” is a name I went by years back while formerly in TOPH, still very fond of and also after extensive work with Belial. I can’t say that I’ll be presenting new material for quite a while as I’m working with slightly different methods and yes I am influenced heavily by both DC, ToB and the ONA in general. My main approach has always been through sight/tendril draining (specifically in gyms), but the blog is more of a general journey on this lifelong path, though I keep most things secret.

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    1. I also wanted to added astral vampyrism is where I’ve always been lacking, yet I’m making steps forward and Codex Aristarchus and DC have been a HUGE help. I find the results more rewarding mainly because I stayed stuck in old ways that worked for to long and I enjoy feeding the predatorial instinct. 3:)

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      1. Try praying to a spirit you trust to take you out of your body while you sleep so you can feed on people, or so you can sacrifice astral wildlife to a deity you like. Feeding and sacrifice are both advantageous in and of themselves, and such activities will also help you strengthen your astral double so that it will be more powerful when you finally astrally project consciously.
        The Norse rune Reda is good for inducing AP. The color which is best for astral projection is yellow. You could buy a cheap yellow shirt from a thrift shop and enchant it so that AP is easier or so that AP automatically happens in sleep.

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      2. If you don’t feel like the deity will be willing to take you OOB, which takes relatively little effort on their part, you can do something like burning a cigarette like incense as an offering. Obviously killing a frog or pet fish as a sacrifice is even better.

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