Getting the Most out of Chakra Meditation

What follows is a list of ways in which you can make your chakra meditations more effective.

One: Perform Them in Nature.

You will find that nature has an expansive effect on spiritual endeavors.

Two: Cast a Circle

Sacred space of any kind will augment the efficacy of meditations performed within it.

Three: Bring a Friend

If you meditate on one particular chakra within the vicinity of another person meditating on the same chakra, both participants reap increased rewards.

Four: Visualize the Chakra(s) as Clearly and Consistently as Possible

Not only does this make the meditation more effective and improve concentration, continuous visualization is a powerful method of strengthening your astral sight.

Five: Use the Sowilo Rune

The Sowilo rune is useful for the empowerment of any chakra. Draw this on yourself, focusing on the intent of increasing the effects of the meditation which follows. Visualize the symbol shining brilliantly as you do this.

-V.K. Jehannum


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