Evocation of Astaroth

(Face Northwest. Names in bold are to be vibrated; italics imply chanting, and translation occurs in brackets)

It is my intent to call down Asteroth. I call to the Goddess by her ancient names:

Ishtar + Astarte + Ashteroth Karnaim + Attart + Khut + Thenenet + Ament + Ankhet + Anqet + Anath + Renenet + Athtart + Sekhet + Ashtart + Astaroth + Ashtoret + Sati + Athirat + Ashtarot + Uni-Astre + Astharthe + Usert + Asta + Astartu + Beltis + Inanna

Serena Alora Astartot Aken (x9)

Sorcerous Maiden of Styx and the Nile!

Glorious Cavalier who Bears Wisdom and Serpents!

Ascendant Goddess of Vampyres and Warfare!

Veniat ad me, Asteroth Karnaim (x11) [Come to me, two-horned Asteroth]

Gorgeous and Chthonic Mistress of Hell and Black Magick!

Beautiful Empress of Darkness and Light!

Come from the Qlippoth! Come from Gash Khalah!

Appear amongst men! Bless me tonight!

Serena Alora Astarte Aken (x13)

Beloved Astaroth of the Two Horns!

Bewinged Maiden of Jupiter and the Evening Star!

Nightside Herald of Science and Profligation!

Lascivious Warlord who Tames Beasts and Corrupts the Flock!

Appear unto me!

Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth (x11)


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