Improving the Psychic Senses

First thing’s first: unlocking the psychic centers. While I am certainly aware that the JoS Ministries are a bountiful wellspring of faggotry, their meditations are top notch. Let me show you what I mean.
The mantra “Sowilo” [SOW-vee-LOW] is useful for any chakra. It’s the name of a Norse rune.
Two: Strengthening the Acausal Nucleus. This is the Black Flame, the Divine Spark, the source of your psychic senses, magickal potential, and even your capacity for self-determination and individuality. Stare at your reflection in the mirror and focus on that point between your eyebrows.This alone will do wonders for your astral sight, but this next step will be good for all of your senses. Use the mantra “Lylusay Tateros Volt Sids Lucifer” which calls upon Satanas-Luciferi to strengthen your Acausal Nucleus.
Three: Being fully possessed by a spirit. Pray to a deity you trust to send one of its servitors to take over your body. Once you’re possessed, you can ask the spirit to make you speak in tongues– the languages are beyond human comprehension but they have incredible magickal potency. Ask the spirit to cast a spell on you of some kind. Perhaps to change your personality, or change your circumstances in some way– you’ll come up with something. Just make sure you have a goal set up ahead of time.
Four: Spirit communication. Mentally, via telepathy. Yes, physically audible sounds do happen and you will experience them. But those don’t do much for your psychic senses, now do they?
Start with a kodama. That’s a tree spirit in the religion of Shinto. Let the spirit speak through your thoughts. It will almost feel like you’re thinking, but unless you’re one of those doubt-filled paranoid types, you’ll know it’s another entities thoughts. If you are one of those doubting/autistic types, intoxication will be your training wheels for now.
-V.K. Jehannum,

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