Alchemy via Invocation

Select a deity, daeva, demon, or such whose personality encompasses traits that you lack. Sketch the sigil(s) of this being or create your own, and carry them on your person as much as possible.

For the first invocation, you will want to become quite intoxicated. Hereafter, vibrate all of the deity’s names which your intuition brings to your attention as you gaze upon the sigil. Then perform an invocation of the deity– any invocation. It can be of your own invention or of the invention of any LHP author whose writing you like.

It is best to play music by the Deverill’s Nexion (Youtube: MMP temple) as you perform the invocation.

Now sit in meditation propped up against a wall with a pillow between your back and it. Imagine that you are standing outside of your body and staring at yourself, as you would when attempting astral projection. But, imagine that the physical body of yourself which you are looking at resembles entirely the physical appearance of the demon you invoked. Let existing lore or personal intuition guide you concerning this appearance. As you visualize this, mentally repeat the phrase “Ik ben [being’s title]” [German: I am ____, spelled phonetically].

Once you feel satisfied, end the visualization and start contemplating personal problems or other matters of confusion, partaking of the deitys knowledge as you do.

According to Celtic Magic, if you repeatedly invoke one being to the exclusion of others, you will eventually become a reflection of that being. Real world pursuit should accompany the invocation. For example, if you are performing invocations of a demon to develop personal scholarly aptitude, you are to accompany this with process scholarly pursuits.

-V.K. Jehannum,



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