Leave Your Energies Unbanished

One of the central concepts of Sinister magick is that the energies raised via ritual should not be banished, but rather, should be allowed to accumulate from ceremony to ceremony.

When a ritual chamber is permanently saturated with infernal energies, evocations become much more easy and potent within it, and the magickal rituals essayed therein become more and more powerful from rite to rite. The witch will thus create, in essence, a permanent “sacred space.”

In the Vampire Ritual Book, Michelle Bellenger wrote the following:

“Within the confines of sacred space, ordinary reality is heightened and refined so that it may come more completely into contact with the realm of spirit. Ritual establishes sacred space as a crossing-over point between the spiritual and the mundane so that the participants can move beyond the confines of ordinary reality.”

And she continues:

“Sacred space improves the quality of energy in an area, and maintaining a constant presence of sacred space creates a cascade affect that heightens and refines the energy in a widespread location.”

Divinatory operations can be performed with greater efficacy in a spiritually charged location, and rites of summoning are more effortless as well. My spiritual guides have told me in the past that they intend to and work to “bind themselves” to the Cosmos and “make it even darker,” rather than, for instance, working to bring about an apocalypse within it, which they describe as disadvantageous.

From Liber 333:

“Performing such ‘open-ended rituals along with other Sinister practices will begin the process of saturating oneself with Sinister energies from beyond (a virtual ‘crash course’ in abysmal shadowside) and also saturating the area in which you live with similar energies. Your goal here is to be the catalyst for sort of an ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ type of scenario in your respective location. This grooming of an area will again be a building block for more elaborate activities which can be taken on later during the Path which include forming a proper ‘nexion’ which will become a doorway for Abysmal, Sinister forces to enter into the casual.”

And now, a quote from Typhonian Terratomas.

“The temple is the material and reflective dwelling place of your soul. What occurs within your soul is reflected in your temple, and the astral atmosphere shall change as you change.

“While you are performing ritual at another location, the temple’s aura will be simultaneously reflecting the experience.”

If the energy becomes too strong for you to bear, which it probably never will, simply summon a demon and ask it to take the energy somewhere else– perhaps a local haunted building or house.

When this process of “presencing the dark” is pursued seriously, especially with the accompaniment of several fellow witches, the area being modified can and will become a place of respite, even a base of operations, for darksome entities. Certain mundanes will begin to instinctively avoid the location, as darksome energy is baleful to them (although it is beneficial to the witch). And those who do enter the confines of the diabolized area will be very much at the mercy of you and the demons that you consort with, as it will be exceptionally easy for you to vampyrize mundanes in that area. Moreover, your astral body will “digest” the exogenous prana with supreme ease as well.

There are rituals on this blog for suffusing the area with Kliffotic (Hellish) prana such that it will be comfortable habitable by demonic entities. If you want an area which is universally conducive to entities of the darkness (not specific to the emissaries of Satanas), suffuse it the area with the light of Algol. Google the sigil for Algol, the Demon Star, and visualize that sigil glowing in a purple ghostly light on the wall, roof, or ceiling of the edifice and start vibrating the names of Algol (Caput Algol, Rosh ha Shaitan, Caput Larvae, Caput Medusae, Tseih She (Say She), etc.).

The bottom line is that this earth is being take back for the beings of the darkness, spiritual and corporeal alike, and this is how you can take part in the usurpation.

-V.K. Jehannum


6 thoughts on “Leave Your Energies Unbanished

  1. When the energy eventually gets too strong for you to bear, summon a demon and ask her to move the energy to the nearest haunted house or building” That frightens me. I believe I have seen the negative effects of this and it ruined a friend, to the point he totally self destructed. He is dead now. If I did this, I would have to find a private place. Do you recommend a ritual spot in the woods?


  2. You should als mention. The uses of tetrahedrons’ crystals, or quart stones that can be found near streams or other running waters. It would great a nexion continuum as well.


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