Haures/Flereous (Goetia #64)

Element: Fire, Air, Earth
Legions: 20 or 36
Tarot: 6 of Swords; 2 of Pentacles/Disks
Gematria: 380
D/N: Nocturnal
Color: Green, Purple, Orange, Red
Direction: South
Planet: Venus, Mercury
Date: Dec 22-31; Feb 4-8; June; Summer; June 21st
Zodiac: Aquarius 15-19; Capricorn 0-10
Rank: Duke
Path: Ayin
Primary Qlipha: Thagirion (Black Sun/Belphegor)
Secondary Qlipha: Golachab (Mars/Asmodeus)
Attributed Ingredients & Substances: Dragon’s Blood, Mercury, Copper, Sage, Sandalwood, Rue, Red Sandalwood, Arnica, Copal, Sage, Scullcap

hauresAbove: Depiction of Haures/Flereous by G.A. Rosenberg.

Flereous appears in Traditional Demonolatry as one of the Nine Demonic Divinities. Conolly describes the demon as typifying the perfect balance of physical, mental, and spiritual consciousness. Despite having obscure lesser attributions to earth and air, Flereous rightfully appears in the spellwork of Demonlaters are the cardinal demonic elemental of fire. S. Conolly describes Flereous as or attributed Flereous to (it’s unclear) “that special fire or light that we all come from.” Flereous appears to most people as male, but my coven and I have most often contacted the demon’s female manifestation.


Flauros changes the witch’s personality, transforming her into a more dangerous predator. She assists in ascending unto hidden realms of the astral planes and shapeshifting within them. She teaches the witch to detect weakness or insecurity. She gives the witch the ability to intuit the qualities of stones and other natural things, such as an animal’s fur or bones. She shows the witch how to skry and teaches her about divinity, cosmology, angels, and himself. She rules over new beginnings, justice, action, baptism, love, and balance. Knowing all secrets, she can give answers concerning things past, present, and future.

Flereous rules scholarhood, focus, concentration, professionalism, discipline, and attention to detail. She can both raise the witch’s IQ level and strengthen her short-term memory.

According to J. Thorp, Flereous represents “sudden change, hastiness; lust for the ego” and her auspices are apt for rites of “Baptism, love, action, solstice.”

She can alter the astral body by giving it claws, which can be retracted. Furthermore, she can give the astral body dark, ravenlike wings which can help the witch alter the weather.

Above: Sigil of Flereous from the OFS Demonolatry Website

Flauros is a great ally in astral warfare and brings death to her victims by flame. She can turn spirits against a victim and see that someone goes undisturbed by temptation (from spirits or oneself). Her traditional manifestation is as a strong male leopard, but she can turn into either a human male with fiery eyes or a human female with golden eyes.

Names: Haures, Flaures, Flavros, Hauras, Havres, Flauros, Flereous
Traditional Enn (Summoning Phrase): Ganic Tasa Fubin Flaures
Constructed Chant for Summoning: Flavros, Hauras, Flereous – Venire Ducis Haures
Constructed Chant for Summoning: Liftoach Pandemonium, et germinet Flavros

-V.K. Jehannum

G.A. Rosenberg’s Goetic artwork was created through magick in colloboration with another black magickian. Like so many black magickal artists, elements of his artwork manifest astrally so that he can reproduce them via Graphic Design. People who think these images are “funny looking” have missed the point entirely– these images are black magickal gateways to the spirits they depict.

Goetic Demonolatry
by Ellen Purswell
A Modern Goetic Grimoire by Rufus Opus
Daemonolatry Goetia by Stephany Conolly
Terry Thayer’s Demon List
Gematria and the Tanakh by Brian Pivik


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    1. Given that the Hermetic art is one of the primary parts of the majority of occult backgrounds, intermingling with Rosicrucianism, Kabbalah, and Enochian, I’d say it’s pretty important.


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