Black Flame, Divine Spark

The fifth point on the pentagram, whether it points upward or downward, symbolizes the fifth element which binds the other four together. This element is called spiritus, ether, azoth, akasha, etc. My experimentations with djinnic sorcery have led to the conclusion that the “smokeless flame,” described by Quran as “the blackest parts” of the flame, which they were created from is also this azoth or ether.

The fifth element is the only one of the five elements which originated from outside of the Cosmos– the only element that is primordial and acausal. The nucleus of spiritual energy which makes humanity capable of sorcery and psychic powers is made of this energy.

This nucleus has various names: the Dragon, the Black Flame, and the Divine Spark constitute a few of the most common. Whether the Dragon is a Divine Spark or a Black Flame depends upon the intent of the witch, and do not be mistaken, the witch can seek a balance between extremes.

One powerful mantra for the strengthening of the Dragon is “Atazoth”, the name of the Entity and the Heart of the Void which presences ether within the Cosmos.

-V.K. Jehannum



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