Satan Cannot be Defined as Primordial Evil

“The Devil is primordial Evil, the Heart of Chaos Who is eternal. He was and He will be. The j.c. conception is just one of many human concepts; it will be destroyed as all human concepts will be. You can find the Devil’s shadow in every human religion, because everyone knows that Evil exists. It’s not evil of people who all will die. It’s Eternal Evil that will destroy the Universe.”

This quote has circulated Facebook a bit, but I believe the progenitor of the quote is an independent anti-cosmic Satanist whose Facebook name is Sommer Burtis. Let us lay out the various suppositions presented within the paragraph and examine their veracity.

One: The Devil is Primordial Evil

Good and evil are causal illusions erected by humans for the practical purpose of laying the groundwork for productive human interaction. Humans depend upon society (other people) for their survival, and human collocation can only be advantageous if the members of the group do not trespass against one another. At its most basic level, a society is just an organized cease-fire. This is merely a description of why morality came about, not an endorsement or refutation of it.

Adherence to morality and subversive behavior are merely different survival strategies, and a strategy is but a means to an end. Good and evil cannot be commendable qualities in and of themselves– their desirability is determined by what can be accomplished through them. Satan is kind, patient, and supportive when interacting with Satanists (moral strategy), and deceptive and destructive when interacting with his enemies (subversive strategy).

Morality is merely a group of strategies disguised as values. Since society as a whole benefits from its members being “well-behaved,” society has determined that being “well-behaved” is a positive trait in and of itself, rather than what it really is: a set of behaviors which happen to be advantageous for one who lives in a society and would like to see it preserved.

Sentient beings cannot be adequately or accurately described by good or evil. Better defining traits of the Devil are evolution, iconoclasm, individuality, sorcery, predation, transformation, and Faustian-Promethean values.

One could argue that since many of the traits most associated with Satan are considered immoral by the mainstream, it is accurate to define Satan as “evil (as seen by the common man)”. However, the Satanist would then be defining Satan within a paradigm he knows to be fallacious. That is not productive.

Two: The Devil is… the Heart of Chaos

Atazoth is the Heart of Chaos. Satan is a very different being.

(Note: Sommer does not summon spirits and considers it unproductive to do so)

Three: The Devil is… Eternal.

All spirits are immortal. They don’t die of old age.

Four: All human concepts will be [destroyed]

Citation needed.

Oh, and concepts cannot be destroyed. Even if no one believes in them, the concept still exists.

Five: You can find the Devil’s shadow in every human religion, because everyone knows that Evil exists.

Countless religions lack a theomorphic manifestation of immorality. The Platonic concept of defining Yahweh as the omnificent hypostasis of goodness is often unsupported even by the Bible itself.

Six: Eternal Evil will Destroy the Universe

This concept is based on the idea that the universe should be destroyed because it is (perceived as) non-conducive to the human’s rise to godhood and spiritual power, despite the fact that nature is inherently inclined to evolution and adversity. Any witch knows that “nature has an expansive effect upon spiritual endeavors,” as Nate Leved said, so the anti-cosmic stance is peculiar. As a daimon once asked me rhetorically, “Why would you want to destroy something so perfectly fucked up?”

Think about it. If Satan despises humanity and wants to kill us all, why does he help and guide Satanists who don’t want to destroy the universe?

More often than not, the desire to destroy the universe is contingent upon the belief that it was created by a demiurge, generally Yahweh, as a prison for humankind. This is a peculiar stance to take, since Yahweh’s rules for his people are so inherently anti-nature.

-V.K. Jehannum



12 thoughts on “Satan Cannot be Defined as Primordial Evil

  1. Watered down to the finest as you took your time here. Evil: (1) To harm or injure; to ill-treat. (2) Bad, wicked. (3) Doing or tending to do harm; hurtful, mischievous, misleading. (4) Offensive, disagreeable; troublesome. (5) Hard, difficult, deadly. That is not exclusive to religion, evil is pure indulgence, lawless, and without remorse. Accept it and quit making excuses for your sugar coated bullshit. Satan is chaos, lawlessness, and disorder. Seems you need some common sense herein, bud. Don’t try and slander me on here just because I nailed your friend for being a fake. That is your ulterior motive here; get over it, child.

    Btw, here’s something you should familiarize yourself with as you seem to think you know everything, and yet you contradict your own ideology. Straight from the O9A, which you don’t even remotely seem to grasp despite your all too “convincing” posts.


  2. The fulcrum of Satanism as a (whole) is as follows:
    Diabolic Gnosticism ‘Diabolic Gnosis’ explicitly means ‘knowledge of the Devil’. The term ‘Gnosis’ denotes a specifically Chaoist and existential way of coming to know the Devil. As an adherent to and of the Traditional Satanic ‘Order of Havayoth’ (that is ‘Obey the Infernal Will of the Devil’) one has to thoroughly believe in and worship the Devil. This is blatant Diabolism, the first aspect of the Tripartite Devil’s Head, concerned with Belief, causality, fate and True Will (among st many other things). The rituals and ordeals of Diabolic Gnosticism are aimed at hearing the inner Will, and challenging Belief in all of its forms, to cleanse the Blood of Perception.
    Diabolic Gnosticism is a dark emanation of the Great External Chaos from whence all things have manifested. As the Entropy within our precious Blood reflects the Great External Chaos, our existence and being has come from High and from below in reverence of all that is diabolical and of the shadow realm. Our all-too-human misanthropy inspired us to take up arms against the race of Man, and the slavish mankind of the deceitful god yahveh. Here our words and our Devil worship are our sacred weapons against humanity in the unholy war of extermination. All of our efforts have been deployed to propagate the ideas of Diabolic Gnosticism, nonbelief and the veneration of the Blood, to aid the advent of a sinister aeon void of sub/humanity.
    As Devil Worshippers we have come to spread hatred, to promote the knowledge of the Devil’s true Will, and the Diabolic Gnosis thereof. Thence shall thy Will be liberated, thy sub/humanity shall be abolished, and the Life Blood of Chaos shall be redeemed. This is of serpents in place of thy decapitated head. Come to know this.
    We promote war against Belief, especially the subhuman Beliefs of the Judeo-Christian faiths. Our way is an ideological threat to the contentment of the sub/human world order. Thus we are loathed as we in our turn hate.
    Ours is an unholy, anti-religious war effort, supported by our forceful ejaculations of propaganda. We purvey total human sacrifice by Fire, unto the World’s end. Forget not that Diabolic Gnosticism is dedicated, moreover devoted, unto the Greater Glory of the Devil, and that the Devil is the archenemy of humankind. Many choose to remain ambivalent towards the Devil and his capacity for utter malevolence and Hate. Hate shall be the whole of the Law! -Christophe Kafyrfos

    Satan is the chaos, primordial evil, and lawlessness. Face it and embrace it, pal! You’re just not “cut” out for this just yet… time you’ll get “deeper” if you dare….. 😀


    1. And I’ve read Kafyrfos’s book. It is one denomination within the whole of Satanism, which like other variates of the religion, have their pros and cons.
      By the way, if Satan just wants humanity dead, why does he assist and guide non-Anti-Cosmic Satanists? Moreover, why did he take the time to empower humanity with the Black Flame?

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  3. Evil is pure indulgence? Indulgence is merely enjoyment– having a good time isn’t harmful, injurious, difficult, lethiferous, or almost any of those other definitions you provided. “Bad” and “wicked” are merely subjective value judgments with no inherent meaning, let alone to the Sinister.

    Furthermore, being troublesome, harmful, injurious, vulpine, or deceptive, is merely a means to an end. A tool to bring about some purpose. Satan acts these ways towards his enemies.

    Being compassionate, patient, protective, reparative, or didactic is another method to bring about desired ends. Satan acts these ways towards his allies.

    O9A literature is not dogmatic in nature. Niners are expected to adopt whichever forms are conducive to their success.

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    1. Define having a good time? Sinister cored (anti-cosmic) Satanists enjoy harmful, destructive, and perverse activities, thus being evil “destructive” per se. That is a given in sinister livin’; we are of the Devil and embrace very dark and perverse desires and interests starting at a very young age for the most of us. I do as thou wilt without any guilt. I walk the walk and fuck the flock. The Devil hates mankind; mankind hates the Devil’s kin. Being of the Devil, I naturally (not rebelliously) clash with mundane society as that is to be expected. The only thing Satan provides is the desire to engage in masochism as to bleed out unto him as an offering; to desecrate the inner sanctum with sexual arousal is of the Devil’s “gifts”. This is where two become one w(hole). Satan is within me; I am of the Devil. A Diabolic Gnostic Anti-Cosmic Satanist is a sinister spiritual person which has come to advocate anti human-militancy and self-radicalization. I do not pretend nor give a fuck to come to offer a solution to the woes and suffering of this fucked up world. It is not my concern to be accepted and understood by the mundanes of society.


  4. Classic ONA Texts
    Satanism – Epitome of “Evil”

    Let us not be mis-understood: genuine Satanists are evil. They question, seek to know, and they defy. They champion, advocate, and propagate – and most importantly live, as a way of defiance and ecstasy – whatever is genuinely heretical, or forbidden, in the societies of their times. They cause, and strive to cause, Chaos, disruption, revolution, and thus causal Change. They are the fomenters of, and the agents of, evil, of genuine darkness. They are adversarial; agents of genuine human evolution, which evolution only and ever arises from an acceptance of challenges and the application of the Sinister Dialectic: from the direct causal presencing of acausal darkness. They cause harm, disaster, corruption, and death; they bring joy, ecstasy and laughter, but perhaps most of all they bring death – and sometimes, or often, before the due time to those deserving of such an early death: death to those who have shown by their actions that they have a weak character or are a nuisance, or a hindrance to the spread of darkness, to the creation of the new from the destruction, the change, of the old. Genuine Satanists are dangerous people to know; associating with them is a risk. They might get you in trouble with the Police; they might make you into a real “outlaw”; they might bring you to the notice of the Intelligence Services. They are trouble, and their psyche is contagious: and can break others, or bring them misfortune, or drive them toward inner breakdown or even madness.

    Their Way, our Way – that of genuine Satanism – is the Way of the self-controlled individual, not the way of sycophancy to, or obedience to, some doctrine or some person or some creed; not the way of those in thrall to their desires, conscious or unconscious. Satanists do not seek to be “understood” nor accepted nor lauded by the majority, just as they are shapeshifters in character and way of life, who may use and often do so use some form, or some way of life for their own sinister, dialectical ends. Thus are they a genuine enigma, seldom appreciated, in their own life, for who and what they are and for what they have done and are doing.

    Their deeds and goals – once they have learnt their trade and become professional, Masters and Mistresses of the Dark Arts – are not personal or undirected, casual, ones. Instead, their deeds are directed, intentional, often detached, and arise from their knowledge of, their understanding of, the Sinister Dialectic: of what is needed in the causal times in which they live; what is needed to radically disrupt, to challenge, to defy, to presence darkness and evil, and bring Chaos and the evolution that derives therefrom. Thus do they, in so presencing the darkness, revel in life, and enjoy. Thus do they, so causing Chaos, defy and break or seek to break the restrictive forms, structures, laws, and Institutions, that still hold people in thrall.

    The way of ordinary life, of ordinary mortals, is the way of control, of restrictions; of authority, of a supra-personal law. It is the way of those forms, those abstractions – such as governments, and States and prisons and religions – which have been constructed to control, to restrict, to bully, to level-down, to enforce submission. The way of ordinary life, of ordinary un-evolved mortals, is the way of minimizing risk, the way of hypocrisy, of the lies and the deceit and the envy and jealousy born from weakness and cowardice and the dishonour of the bully. In direct contrast, the Path of the genuine Satanist is the difficult Dark Path of inner strength, of joining, being, opposites, and of going beyond opposites: the path of evolved human beings exemplified in one way by the openness of the fighting warrior who believes in their very being that the only genuine real law and real justice is the law, the justice, of personal honour, of a fair fight, of fair retribution, and of being responsible for oneself. Thus is the Way of the Satanist, the Way of the Dark Warrior who, in real life in the real world, fights the tyranny of those who, weak of character, oppress: the Dark Warrior who fights all that oppresses and stifles our potential, and hinders our evolution into a higher race of human beings whose rightful place is among the star-systems of this, and other, Galaxies.

    Order of Nine Angles
    119 Year of Fayen


  5. Not. Holy. Writ.
    You are aware that the ONA deliberately japes readers and often uses rhetorical hyperbole to illustrate a point, yes?


  6. The O9A doesn’t fuck around when it comes to their overall dynamic Satanic structure, nor do they need to sugar coat or hype their readers up. It is what it is; no need to dispute it. Satanism is not meant to be pretty, or humane; it’s grim, perverse, and amoral. Those who are sinister within naturally harvest these traits and as we indulge deep within them.


    1. AMORAL, yes. ABSENT of MORALITY. The Sinister Satanist has long-term alchemical goals and acts to further those goals. An act which is “grim” or “perverse” is only Sinister and productive if it furthers the efflorescent alchemical transmutation of a person or a body. Simply “being naughty” has no value.
      By the way, is WordPress like YouTube? Do more comments mean more views? Otherwise I feel like I’ve wasted some effort…

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      1. Each act when repeated is intensified, more damaging (pleasing), and more rewarding via our hunger for more and more until it’s exhausted or succeeded in some cases. Sinister (extreme) indulgences become more destructive, rewarding, and even fatal in the grand scheme of things


  7. take a dove and bite its head off. What do you think, is it good or evil? Some spirits are perceived as “mortal” in Vodou, they say, when Baron Samedi arrives, the spirits stop their chatting. But it depends on the type of the spirit.


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