On Deities who “Claim” to Have Created the Earth

Preface I: my guiding spirits told me that multiple deities came together to create the Cosmos.

Preface II: when I present gnosis of that nature, I do not expect immediate belief or even belief at all, unless I have given you some damn good reasons to trust me. Just remember what I said and put it in the “maybe” column until you get some confirmation from other spirits.

I talked with Molock about a week ago and asked him to tell me about himself. He said “I am the god of the Black Sun,” “I am the lord of the deep sea,” and more things of that nature.

Molock knew that I knew that he wasn’t the only deity who held dominion over the Black Sun, and he wasn’t trying to convince me otherwise. Belphegor, Lucifage, and Satan also share that correspondence.

I would posit that, in general, if a deity says “I am the creator of this earth,” that deity probably isn’t trying to trick you into thinking it was the sole creator. That’s just the way they talk.

-V.K. Jehannum


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