Tanninsam and Leviathan

Satan and Lilith both have primordial-draconic-oceanic aspects which rule over “pride.” Both of their serpentine-Khaotic aspects can be called Leviathan or Chaosifer [Chaos-Bearer]. Satan as a Leviathan has been called “Theli” and “Tannin”, while Lilith as Leviathan has been called Tanninsam.
Apocryphal myths disagree on whether Yahweh was fighting either one or two Leviathans before the world was created. These skirmishes are written to have occurred in a primordial ocean called “Tehom” or “Tehomoth”, meaning “Depth” or “Depths” in Hebrew. The story goes that Yahweh defeated them and mutilated their genitals so that they could never reproduce.
The idea of there being an limitless ocean before the world was created is prevalent throughout world religion. The Norse called it Ginnungagap, the Greeks called it Khaos, the Egyptians called it Nu or Nun, the Mesopotamians personified it as Tiamat and Absu, and the Aztecs called it.
Now a spirit portrayed as heroic often had to battle a water-based serpentine or draconic being in what is called a Chaoskampf, a struggle against Chaos. This happened to Marduk, Hercules/Herakles, Tezcatlipoca and Huizilipochtili, Baal, Yahweh, Zeus, and more. A right-handed spiritualist would probably interpret this as the need to restrain one’s “baser” needs, but it’s not that simple.
Tanin means “dragon” and Tanninsam means “poisonous dragon.” “The Dragon” is a common title in the Occult for the Black Flame/Divine Spark which renders humanity capable of sorcery and apotheosis. Many Occult authorities say that the Black Flame or Dragon is the substance of the primordial acausal Khaos, so it is likely that the Leviathan aspects correspond to this depiction of the Black Flame. That would give them dominion over the spiritual potential of humankind.
Humanity’s spark of spirituality is portrayed negatively in Orthodox religion. In Oriental thought, humanity is capable of witchcraft because of Maya, which they define as the illusion of individuality. That makes some sense, as I wouldn’t be trying to become more powerful than everyone else if I didn’t consider myself an individual.
In Qabbalah, the Black Flame originates from the Infernal Sun, which resides in a realm called Thagiriron or “Disputers.” Once again, individuality is portrayed as a source of conflict. While individuality does indeed make conflict possible, the White Lodge is ignoring the other blessings of the Black Flame and ignoring the fact that conflict is a source of evolution.
Leviathan is said, in Hebrew scripture, to be the King over the “Sons of Pride.” Pride is believing in yourself above others, and that could easily be another negative portrayal of the Black Flame. Psalm 104:26 is translated differently by different rabbis. One translation claims that Yahweh created Leviathan so that the two could compete.
Are you aware that certain Gnostics interpret the myth of Yahweh removing the Serpent of Eden’s legs as a metaphor for the Lucifer principle being bound to the earth/matter. Let’s adopt a similar line of reasoning regarding the purported castration. The Chaos Bearers both preside over and symbolize the Dragon, the spiritual spark of humanity, right? Well, Vedic thought depicts a serpentine force of spirituality within humanity. Restrained in the genitals, I’ve heard. The Kundalini.
So the Chaosifers preside over the serpentine nucleus of spirituality in mankind, which is indeed bound to matter, to us, and which can help us become like gods. Michael Aquino described Leviathan as the principle of continuity and eternal existence, and it is the Dragon which allows us to become immortal.
So the Chaos Bearers are deities of the Black Flame/Acausal Dragon. In addition to this, they preside over tempests, storms, draconic magick, water, destruction, the acausal/Khaos, spreading panic, dissolving the ego, upsetting order, the creation of sacred space, atavism, losing unproductive guilt/compassion, and psychic vampyrism.
Certain apocryphal texts depict Leviathan as being the apocalyptic beast of the sea, as Behemoth is the apocalyptic beast of the earth, and Ziz of the air. Leviathan is related, in Christian thought, to the end of the world, and carries the Antichrist on his back in Biblical art. I will borrow now an argument from David Geiffodd and venture that the Leviathan is not going to destroy the world, he is merely going to destroy the world as we know it. That, or Biblical prophecy is unreliable.
-V.K. Jehannum

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