Invocation of Qayen

(Names in bold are to be vibrated; phrases in italics are to be chanted. All of the bold names are names of Cain from different religions and texts.)

It is my intent to invoke the Horned God of Alchemy and Warriorhood! Great Vampyric Artificer, afford union with your essence unto me! Heil Kain von Samael!

Agios ischyros Ka-In Arotrios (x13) [Greek: Hallowed be Ka-in (Qayin) the Ploughman God]

Oh hear the names!

Qabil + San Esqueleto + Adiaphotos + Tubal Cain + Su Majestad Rey De La Muerte + Mahan + Tubal-Qayin + Diaphotos

I call upon the Sickle-Bearing Wanderer who has mastery of nigromancy and predation to transform me into a reflection of Himself.
Cadaverous Harbinger of Insurrection and Death!
Resplendent Shapeshifter whose descendants are sorcerers!
Recreate me in Your image tonight!
Appear within my being and beget transformation!
Elder Artificer who creates weapons and poisons and founded the first city, manifest within me!

Salve San la Muerte (x7) [Spanish: Hail the Saint of Death]

Bloodguilty Outcast from the lands of Nod and Tzelmoth!
Horned and Bewinged Blacksmith who inspires Freemasons!

Me encanta Señor de la Guadaña Sangrienta (x13)
[Spanish: I love the Man with the Bloody Scythe]

Recalcitrant Dweller amongst the Ravens of Dispersion!

Death-bearing Warrior who rules demons and phantasmata!

Black God of Horsemen and Infernal King of Witches!

Permit me to transform via union with Your essence!

May yamo San Esqueleto (x7) [Spanish: I am known as the Skeleton Saint]

Chthonic Ancestor of Depredation and Bloodshed!

Ambitious Creator of poison and medicine!

Amoral Progenitor of Rebellion and Warcraft! Unite with me!

Vampyric Alchemist! Shapeshifting Demigod! Blood-drinking Heretic!

Liken me unto You!

Ich bein Qayin; Ich bein un Gott! (x13) [German: I am Qayin; I am a God]

As I have spoken, so let it be done!


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