Chavajoth: the Lords of Hell

The Azerate are the eleven Deities of the Qliphoth (Hell), whom the Book of Sitra Ahra refers to as El Acher [the Other God] in the amalgamate; another name for Them is HVHI/HVHY, as They are viewed as the direct opposite of Yahweh. With that said, the oldest and most traditional amalgamate name for these Spirits is Chavajoth or Havayoth, which is a name created by reversing the letters of a Hebrew name for Elohim.

The Azerate are Deities in Their own right. They are far more than antitheses and they have agendas beyond their enmity with Yahweh.

For too long, Chavajoth was assumed, in classical occult literature, to be merely the opposite of the Judao-Christian deity. In the old writings of the Right Hand, it was even claimed that Chavajoth had a physical body on the grounds that El Acher was the inversion of Yahweh, who did not have a physical body. It is preposterous to think that Satan, Adrammelech, and Ishtar have physical forms– especially that They share one!

I do not acknowledge Yahweh as the creator of this universe. This universe is Satanic and Adversarial in nature, and so I also do not believe that Chavajoth desires the obliteration of the cosmos. Now that such preliminaries are past, we shall introduce the Lords of Sitra Ahra.

Molock is the Horned Bicephalous Monarch of the Fires which are both destructive and purifying. A Solar God of Fertility and the Deep Sea.

Adrammelech is a God of Fire and a Master of Dreams and Psychic Vampyrism. He can gift the witch with astral projection and physical strength and He obliterates cognitive rigidity and gives aid in divination. He helps the witch divest herself of vanity and shallowness.

Belphegor is the Lord of the Aperture and He bestows ingenuity upon the witch. He is a Master of weaponry and seduction. A Solar Deity, He is useful in workings of necromancy.

Baal is the Infernal God of Warcraft and Tempests. He makes the witch a better warrior and bestows fertility as well.

Astaroth is the Goddess of the Dead and the Netherworld. She is a Nature Goddess and a Light-Bearer. She rules love, war, fertility, and more. She is Inanna, She is Ishtar, and She is Isis.

Beelzebuth is the God of Pestilence, Heresy, Disruption, and Disarray. Known as Nihilifer, He can divest the witch of the personality flaws which hinder her. He holds dominion over aircraft and meteorology.

Lilith is a Goddess of Vampyres and Ceremonial Fornication. The Matron of unorthodox sexuality, atavism, darkness, and seduction.

Naamah/Nahema is a Goddess of Clerical Prostitution, Impurity, Succubi, Nature, the Afterlife, Serenity, and Strength of Will.

Lucifuge Rofocale is the Patron of Magick, Disease, Wealth, and Attainment. He is the Lord of Erudition.

Asmodeus is the Patron of Destruction, Warriorhood, and Lust. He is the Fulsome Archfiend of the Death-Bearing Javelin and He is known as Aeshma as well.

-V.K. Jehannum

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