Ritual Kit for Beginning Satanists

For the longest time, I had little to no equipment to work my rituals with and I completely lacked magickal partners. I’m talking about the days before I had converted 10 different people into Satanic vampyres who followed my instructions as provided, most of whom have progressed to no longer need my instruction at all.
You don’t need a large amount of causal equipment to work effective magick. The true key to spiritual attainment lies in preparation– both in terms of research and practice. So let’s go over the must haves for equipment.
One: Blade.
This can be anything from a dope sword to a pocket knife. A hunting knife or a steak knife will suffice. This is used to direct the energy and shape various symbols in the air, such as the ZD sigil of demonolatry, linked below.
I use that symbol any time I move to call upon Infernal entities, invocation or otherwise. A wand or stick can be used instead. If you really can’t use any of these items, it is fine to proceed without them.
Two: Necklace
Any kind of necklace works, be it a religious symbol or an emblem from a movie. Enchant it for divination as well as to empower any ritual you perform with it present. Instructions follow.
The instructions for enchantment in that article can be used with any deity for any purpose. A list of spirit names will be provided in the next article I write.
Three: Miscellanious Other Jewelry and/or Statuettes
You can enchant other ornaments of any kind for any purpose. You can enchant them to empower all of your psychic senses, specific psychic senses, magick in general, or magick of a particular kind. Call on the deity whom you feel led to call upon, specify the intent of the enchantment out loud, vibrate the names, and say something like “Let it be done.” Statuettes of any kind can be set upon the altar once they are enchanted to augment the effects of the ritual. These can be inverted crosses, representations of certain spirits, or just random shit. Any dollar store should have statuettes of various wildlife creatures, and decorative Halloween skeletons and skulls will do quite nicely. I once bought a large group of tiny plastic skulls and formed a circle out of them around two initiates and I while we performed some of our first evocations. Corpse imagery of any kind is perfect for initiation, as initiation rites kill (part of) the person you used to be.
Four: Light Sources
The power of candles lies in the fire atop them. Fire is a powerful gate to the astral. While specific colors should be sought, they are not necessary. Black is great, but so are white and dark blue. Whatever you can find at Walmart should suffice.
Five: A Receptacle Filled with Fresh Water Fresh water is another powerful gateway to the astral. Its especially useful for summoning the dead, but works for demons of any kind as well.
Five: Paper and Sharpies
Blank paper and various colors of sharpies to draw sigils. While printing is fine for more complex sigils, it is usually best to draw simpler ones yourself as well as you can. Putting the effort in is good. You don’t have to be a good artist– ask my covenmate who suffers from actual dysgraphia. If you can find a color associated with the demon, use it. If not, trying using your intuition or a pendulum to choose a color. For starters, follow the link below and draw the four symbols in the box and the symbol on the bottom left in dark blue on one sheet of paper. Those symbols are oddly useful and they do indeed work.
Thereafter, draw the ZD sigil linked above on the paper. Write the numbers 2 (number of the Devil), 9 (number of the Devil), 11 (number of all things demonic), 218 (number of the 11 Rulers of the Qliphoth/Hell), 777 (a number which stands for both the Sephiroth and the Qliphoth), and 487 (another infernal number). Add the Clavicula Nox, linked below. Now keep this sheet with you at all rituals, for it will aid you greatly.
Lastly, if you are comfortable with it, add the Nazi swastika. While I do not support National Socialism, my coven, the Sect of Angra Mainyu, and the Ecclesia Diabolica Gnostica have all separately been taught by demons that the swastika is useful for calling upon the infernal spirits. The spirits that taught me to use the swastika told me that I should not look up to Hitler. I have never seen either of those two other groups endorse Hitler either. I reeeeally recommend that swastika though.
Six: Surface
This can be any table, desk, or shelf which you can use as an altar. However, such a surface is not necessary. I have performed many a significant ritual seated on the carpet with the sigils and ritual implements placed on the floor around me.
 Seven: Receptacle of Fresh Water
Fresh water is a useful substance for summoning spirits. While it is most effective for necromancy, it is great for spirits of other kinds as well. It is useful to keep a cup of fresh water nearby during rituals.
-V.K. Jehannum

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