Invocation of Abzu

(Face the West if possible. The names in bold are to be vibrated. Translations appear in brackets)

I call upon the Viperous Beast of the Primal Sea who is known to man as Absu, the Aquatic God-King of Chaos and Darkness! It is my Will to invocate the Dragon who begot the Drinkers of Blood! Answer unto ancient names:


Arise, Tenebrous Serpent, for through your influence I will ascend as a god. Arise within the initiate as the Omnificent Father of Dragons and Vampyres.

Aperiatur Tehomoth, et germinet Apason!
[Latin: Open the Depths, and bring forth Apsu!]

Sar Isten Asba! Abum Labiru! Lalartu Akhkharun! Sharur Xul! Sar Nuru Salmu! Abi Immaru Etu! Isten Irkalli!
[Spoken Cuneiform: King of the First Darkness! Ancient Father! Spectre of a Vampyre! Malevolent Hunter! King of the Black Light! Father of the Brilliant Darkness! First of the Underworld!]

Chaotic Harbinger of Malevolence and Disarray! Gigum Limnu! En Akhakharun! Reptillian Darkener! Surface! Arise!
[English and Spoken Cuneiform: Chaotic Harbinger of Malevolence and Disarray! Evil Spirit! Lord of the Vampyres! Reptillian Darkener!]

Sorcerous Vampyre! Mitu La Magiri! Alal Xul! Fiend of the Ocean! Profligate Dragon! Maskim Rabum! Shamanistic Emperor! Rabishu Irkalli! Bloodguilty Fiend!
[English and Spoken Cuneiform: Sorcerous Vampyre! Unsubmissive Dead! Evil Destroyer! Fiend of the Ocean! Profligate Dragon! Great Fiend! Shamanistic Emperor! Evil Fiend of the Netherworld! Bloodguilty Fiend!]

Liftoach Tehomoth! Abzu! Engurru! Veniat ad me!
[Latin: Open the Depths! Abzu! Engurru! Come to me!]

Arise within me, You who are the Supreme Begetter of Rapacious Grotesquerie! You who are the Monstrous Vampyric God! You whose aseity will not be denied! You who are Azag Xul! You who are Akhkharu Mitu!
[Azag Xul = Evil Serpent; Akhkharu Mitu = Evil Vampyre]

Xere Xaos! Sar a Etu! Telal Rimanis! Lawless Deity! Abum Ilat! Bel Mare Tenebrarum!
[Latin, Spoken Cuneiform, Galician, and English: Generate Chaos! King of the Dark Waters! Wild, Demonic Warrior! Lawless Deity! Supreme Father! Lord of the Ocean of Darkness!]

I am one with Absu! Karra! Cacama!
[English and Spoken Cuneiform: I am one with Absu! Hurrah! Amen!]


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