The Rite of Paradoxical Ascent

(Face the west, and adorn the altar or floor with appropriate sigils if possible. Phrases or names in bold are to be vibrated. Italics denotes chanting. Lellikro is an esoteric name for Satan and Lathurro is Lilith)

Within the pan-dimensional whirlpool of paradoxical quiescence, the Prideful Spirits of Chaotic Seas inosculate and encircle one another in paradoxical fluctuations of existence. Horrific echo-screams of inconceivable evolutions are the way of life for the Leviathan Twins. Tanninsam is the Khaotic-Draconic Aspect of Lilith whose state of being and essence is mirrored in Leviathan-Satan. I call upon them by these names so that I might become transformed.

Tanninsam + Tannin + Leviathan + Regina Chaosifer + Rex Chaosifer + Rahab + Theli + Lellikro + Lathurro

I call upon Lilith, the Harlot Empress of the Depths to empower me through her nightmare-aspect of Tanninsam, the Pythonic Harbinger of Venom and Chaos. By these words of power, saturate my essence with your blessing and beget the advancement of my psychic senses!

Sallathro Sattewkalloth Tanninsam Lilith (x13)

I call upon Lord Sathanas to answer my call in his ferocious aspect of the Devil-Snake, that Wrathful Viperous King of Oblivion known to mankind as Leviathan. Beget power unto me as a Phantasmagoric Wyvern of Khaos! By these darkly sacred words of power, saturate my essence with your demonic influence to increase my magickal powers!

Sathan Leviathan Lelliqqerro Lathellerron (x13)


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