Zepar (Goetia #16)

Alternate names: Zephar
Element: Earth; Air
Color: Green; Black
Rank: Duke
Plant: Mandrake
Metal: Copper
Gematria: 287; 288
Date: Autumn Equinox; June 6-10; Aug 23-Sep 1
Incense: Sandlewood
Zodiac: Virgo 1-10; Gemini 15-19
D/N: Diurnal
Tarot: 8 of Discs/Pentacles; 9 of Swords
Planet: Venus

ZeparAbove: Zepar Artwork for Pathworking

Zepar is the Goetic Grand Duke who imparts fertility and mental self-transformation. He’s connected to planet Venus and the element of earth. His metal is copper; his incense is sandalwood. His color is green, and since he is opposed to the archangel Raphael, you’ll get bonus points if you start any rites to Zephar by blaspheming Raphael. Such acts are more useful than you would assume.

He’s connected to the element of earth. That means he’s apt for issues of employment, physical fitness, stability, and a sense of calm. He’s a god of warriors and warriorhood. He begets seduction, love, and affection.

He imparts fertility and the lack thereof. This includes mental fertility– creativity. He makes a man resourceful, innovative. Furthermore, he can help in works of songwriting and other artistic endeavors.

Zepar is one of the Black Gods of Alchemy– specifically the mental aspects. The dissolution of the ego. Getting rid of phobias, and breaking down disadvantageous patterns of thought.

Legend says that he drives humanity into infernal pleasures and/or madness. If you told your psychiatrist that you summoned demons, you would be called mad. Zepar is good for reducing the normalcy bias which weakens the success of so many magickians. In addition to this, he rules shapeshifting and atavism.

He appears as a warrior– a soldier with red clothes and armor.

He is said to be under Amaymon and to be a familiar of Lilith. He is also a partisan and purveyor of Azazel’s humanist intent. He can give minor aid in vampyric workings and can help the magickian design an artificial succubus or incubus– or verily, to take on the powers and traits of such creatures. He is talented in succubitic alchemy [becoming a succubus/increasing succubus-type powers]. As a familiar of Lilith, he is also patron to LGBTQ types.

The numerical value of Zepar’s name is 287, which is equivalent in value to various Hebrew words. By analyzing these words, we can attain understanding. For example, the names Baphomet, Pan, and Samael all have a value of 131, and 131 can be further interpreted as the union of Qayin (whose number is 13) and Azazel (whose number is 31) which produced Qayin’s reincarnation as Tubal-Qayin. The names Zepar and Vepar both have a value of 287, and the methodology of attaining these values and their correspondences is known as Gematria. The name Muriel, which translates to “Water of God”, matches this value, and is said to be the name of Abaddon before he fell from heaven as well as the name of the archangel attributed to the zodiac of cancer. The Hebrew words meaning “Child of Incest/Bastard/Illegitimate Child”, “Chieftain/Warrior/Leader”, and “To Scatter/To Disperse” all have the value of 287.

Multiple systems of Gematria exist, and a second system gives Zepar the value of 288. 288 is the value of words meaning “Harvest Time/Autumn”, “To Search For/To Dig”, “Winter”, “Sling/Heap of Stones”, “Granary/Storehouse”, “Mole (as an animal which digs)”, “To Fly/To Break Out (of leprosy)”, and “Sprout/Bud”.


Constructed Calling Chant: Lifotoach Pandemonium, et germinet Zepar
Traditional Enn (Calling Chant): Lyan Ramec Catya Zepar
Channeled Callin Chant: Zepar Thuro Thurron Zephron

-V.K. Uridimmus Jehannum


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