Tunnel of Set: (Thagirion-Gashkelah)
Flower of Tunnel: Narcissus
Tarot of Tunnel: the Hermit
Disease of Tunnel: Paralysis
Force of Tunnel: Virile Force; Reserved Karezza
Ordeal of Tunnel: Death in Life
Siddihi of Tunnel: Parthenogenesis
Musical Key of Tunnel: F
Zodiac of Tunnel: Virgo
Sex Act of Tunnel: Mutual Masturbation
Hebrew Letter of Tunnel: Yod
Color of Tunnel: Slate & Yellowish Green
Color of Spirit: Purple
Gematria: 131, 134, 204
Qlipha of Spirit: Satariel (Saturn/Lucifage)
Trans-Qliphothic Veil: Chasek
Non-Qliphothic Attribution: the Sphere of the Moon
Primary Planet of Spirit: Black Earth
Lesser Planetary Attributions: Pluto; Neptune
D/N: the Spirit is Mostly Nocturnal
Element of Spirit: Air (Primary); Water
Sacred Numbers of Spirit: 21, 6, 11, 14, 16
Direction of Spirit: Northeast (Primary); Southeast (Secondary); East (Tertiary)


“Yamatu” literally translates from Hebrew to English as “Scratchers”. It is often the case that the plural form of a Hebrew word is used to designate a singular entity which is great in stature– Elohim and Behemoth are both plural nouns. I have read about Yamatu from countless authors; we all agree that the name refers to a singular fiend. A more accurate translation would be “the Great Scratcher.”

Yamatu can be called upon to grant power over life and destruction. He can deceive the enemies of the witch and make her a better liar. Yamatu can be called upon to protect something, someone, or somewhere as well as to dispel energies. He can give knowledge on divination and alter the witch’s personality so that she is not nervous or self-conscious of the way she comes across to others. He imparts the arts of invisibility and immortality and he can be called upon to multiply the numbers of specified forces. He is a demon of initiation and recrudescence.

Yamatu can initiate the magickian through the Trans-Qliphothic Labyrinth and Trans-Sephirothic Labyrinth alike (this is dangerous; seek guidance). He can also aid in self-initiation through Qamar [the Planetary Sphere of the Moon].

Yamatu can help the witch attain dark powers and give teachings regarding the Black Flame. He can teach secret rituals and reveal anything requested. He has knowledge of shadow magick and time magick and he is a harbinger of illumination. He can be called upon to hide incriminating evidence, and paralysis and death by petrification are attributed to him. It is said that he specializes in the art of dream invasion.

Yamatu can divulge the specifics of the relationship between the mind, spirit, and soul, and he is erudite regarding the nature of the human soul. He can help the witch balance/integrate her soul with his mind and body– this is a very powerful healing process, and he often employs crystals and dream work to accomplish it. He can teach the witch to identify, understand, channel, integrate, and incorporate her power animal.

Yamatu can furnish the witch with understand of the Earth’s ecology, ley lines, meridians, etc. and earth magick. He can cleanse black waters and the subtle atmosphere of a place. He can teach the witch to make use of crystals in spellwork– particularly in spellwork related to healing. He teaches the witch to travel between worlds and bring about the re-emergence of what is hidden within our ancestral subconscious. He’s related to the tarot card called the Hermit, the zodiac sign called Virgo, and the musical key of F. The path he rules is attributed to the Hebrew letter Yod, which letter represents an open hand or a seed, and is often seen as related to coitus. This letter is related to one of the Buddhist objects of meditation– a bloated corpse, to be specific, which corpse is envisioned to gain dominance over one’s lust.

Yamatu appeared to me as a white-fleshed being with a large, round head and black eyes. He wore a white cloak with intricate designs of gold and carried a black-bladed scythe. Frater 414 describes Yamatu as wearing a ring adorned with a diamond-ish stone which radiated light.

Yamatu’s original sigil from Aleister Crowley’s Liber 231 exhibits a subtle inverted cross, which cross Kenneth Grant interprets as signifying a descent into the underworld.

Yamatu inhabits the Tunnel of Set between Thagirion (Belfegore/Black Sun) and Gashkelah (Jupiter/Astaroth), wherein dwell a species of demons called the Tzaphiron. This would be either the tenth or twentieth pathway, depending upon whether or not you start counting with the original ten spheres. The Hebrew letter Yod is attributed to this tunnel, which letter signifies creative and directive energy. According to The Shadow Tarot by Linda Falorio:

The need for work with the energies of Yamatu is suggested when we find disregard for the Earth and Earth energies, coupled with the belief that the earth is inert matter to be disposed of at our whim, that nature can and must be tamed. When we are lacking in awareness of our bodies, we lack real connection with the environment. We may then begin to feel that Man is supreme in the Universe, that human consciousness and rational thought are paramount, that technology can solve our problems, that somehow everything can be fixed for our convenience. We may even come to believe that there are no inimical powers in the universe, and that we are alone in possessing the gift of life. Here too, we may find that inability to see the spark of life in matter which begets materialist philosophies, and the unspoken fear of Hell and dying which results in the application of technologies to preserve the body from death without regard to the human spirit.

When we have begun to channel the power of the Tunnel of Yamatu, we gain awareness of Earth magicks and Gaia ecology, we gain understanding of Earth meridians and ley lines, and the principles of feng shui. We gain the ability to activate the ancient power sites, to cleanse black water lines and psychic atmospheres, and the ability to work with healing crystals. In such intimate awareness of mind-body wholeness lies the power of self-healing, there is regeneration found through turning inward to tap the profound healing power of meditation.

In the Tunnel of Yamatu, we find the power of movement between the worlds. Here we find the ability to face the Lurker on the Threshold and undertake the healing shamanic journey. Here we undertake the dream quest to the forbidden Underworld on behalf of ourselves and others, to return what has been lost, to bring back what is needed of ancient archetypal consciousness, and to bravely apprehend foreshadowings of far-flung future selves. Here we learn to find and dance the power animal.

Related also is the planet Chiron, crystals in general, and fluorite in particular.

One numerical value for his name is 134. This is the value of the Hebrew words meaning “Mantle/Wrap”, “Destruction”, “Torch”, and “Time”.

Another value for Yamatu is 206. This is the value of the words “Innermost Room of the Temple/Hindmost Chamber”, “Bird of Prey”, “To Hail”, “To Scatter”, “Plague/Pestilence”, “Mighty/Numerous/Vast”,  “Speak/Answer/Commune/Teach”, “Thing/Word”, “Spotted/Marked”, and “Prophet/Vision/Seer.”

The numerical value of his name is 131– the names Samael, Pan, and Baphomet all have the same value. Samael is the Reaper and the most Transcendent Aspect of Satana*. Pan, in this context, refers to the All, and Baphomet here refers to the entirety of the cosmos– that which is called “the Superstring Field” in metaphysics.** 131 is also the value of the Hebrew words for “Wrath”, “Her Foundation/Her Fundament”, “Strong/Mighty”, “Strength”, “Ocean Depth”, “Cohabitation/Conjugal Rights”, “Humility”,  “Mare”, “Strong/Bay/Piepald”, and “To Be Alert/To Be Strong/To Be Courageous”.131 is also the value of the Hebrw word “‘anaf” [to be angry], which word specifically pertains to the anger of Jehovah.

Traditional Western Occultism interprets this number as symbolizing the union of the Alpha (symbolized by 13) and the Omega (31), but it has a special relevance within the Left Hand Path. The numerical value of Qayin’s name is 13, and the value of Azazel’s name is 31. Ergo, 131 can be seen as representative as Qayin’s incarnation as Tubal-Qayin following the evolution which Azazel imparted to him. If you look at Eliphas Levi’s drawing of Baphomet, you will see the Hermaphrodite to be juxtaposed betwixt two different moons, both of which represent celestical forces which are opposite in nature to one another. Traditional Kabbalistic lore describes Azazel as the union of two lunar forces– a pair of fallen (Watcher) angels named Aza and Azael.

The number 131 is also relevant to Belphegor, the Lord of the infernal realm which is attributed to the Black Sun. There is a number which is known as Belphegor’s Palindrome (Google it & peep the Wikipedia article) which is composed of 31 digits, with 13 zero’s on each side of the three sixes in the middle of the figure. A zero is often considered to be representative of the void, which is called the Ogdoad in Greek lore, wherein Samael purportedly dwells. There’s a Hebrew word for “the void” which has a value of 131. Samael and Qayin are both related to death, as is Belphegor.

*Satana is the proper Latin variate of the name Satan, whereas Satanas is proper Greek.

**This is the first and last time you’ll hear me discuss metaphysics. The exaggeration of metaphysics’s spiritual significance is a marketing tool which experts use to get their experiments funded, nothing more. This exaggeration is echoed by sloppy New Age authors who want to convince the reader of their legitimacy without providing a legitimate argument– how many authors have you seen regurgitate the vague claim that their beliefs have been validated by the researchers of this field without elaborating upon the point?

Agios o Havayoth
-V.K. Uridimmus Jehannum

Liber Obsidian Obscura
Frater 414’s experiments w/ Liber 231
The Shadow Tarot
The Tree of Death and Qliphoth
Liber Azerate
Qliphothic Wor(L)ds
Thelemic Qabbalah Volume III



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