Name Variates: Agalierap, Agalierept, Agalieraps, Agaliarept, Agaliareps
Serves Under: Lucifer
Subordinates: Buer, Gusoyn, Botis, Elelogap
Rank: Commander of the Second Legion; Second Deputy Under Lucifer; Assistant Grand General; General of Hell; Chief of the Secret Police
Dominion: Australia, Europe, Asia
Incense: Cinquefoil, Mullein, Cinnamon, Sage, Rue

It is written that Agaliarept has power over both the past and the future. He has the power to discover all secrets– particularly the occult properties of metals and the curative properties of plants. He is said to reveal the most sublime of mysteries and he is apt for rites of destruction.

Above: five sigils of Agalieraps

Agaliarept rules over anger, wrath, revenge, and material wealth. He is a harbinger of distrust and hostility, and he can help the witch teach. He can improve the social skills of the witch and he is associated with war. In addition to identifying the alignment of anything presented to him, he can instruct the witch in legal matters. He is a revealer of arcana and he governs matters associated with water.

Agaliarept is a gatekeeper and guide to the infernal realms. He begets initiation and helps with cleansing via water. He assists in astral projection, helping the magickian find the secret grimoires and passages in the astral plane. He is knowledgeable concerning Occult manuscripts and all things infernal.

Agaliarept is a harbinger of evolution and transformation through initiation and visits to dark teachers. Teaches how to pull someone’s astral double out of their unconscious body. Teaches the witch to face her darker aspects and incorporate them into who she is so that she might attain power. Imparts esoteric knowledge across a broad variety of subjects. Powerful in draconic magick. His energy is incredibly fierce, but he is a loyal and caring ally.

Agaliarept is incredibly knowledgeable concerning health and how it can be improved. Even though I’ve only worked with him a few times, he once spontaneously possessed a (willing) fellow Demonolater and gave me a large amount of dietary advice. This Demonolater also sent me an etymological evaluation of the name Agaliarept:

Etymos: Agalia = Joy or Mirth (clearing through the mirk or the mercurial to find your inner compass and [im\passioned vicarship/vices) and rept = (has several anagram and reverse anagram meanings brought in to the effable)… from prefix “rept” reptile : that which creepeth the earth or slither or slink, also report or rapport or to be abreft/abrept of a matter.. the reprobate…

The Hebrew vowels AGAL spell out the name of Ogiel, which means “Those Who Flee From God”, which title represents “phantoms and darkness” according to Michael W. Ford. Ogiel is the outer cortex of the Qlipha known as Gamaliel (Black Moon/Lilith).

Magickal Chants

Nobilitate Agalieraps Permitalis Salvia
“Praise to Agalieraps, the Destroying Sage!”

Advoco Sagax Venenarius Agaliareps
“I Call the Sagacious Magickian Agaliareps!”

Invoco Imperator Agaliarept
“I Call Lord Agaliarept!”

On Ca Agaliarept Agna
Demonic Enn for Agaliarept

Arrinratharra Harrintaggorra Larrindratharra Marrindrathor
Channeled Summoning Chant for Agaliarept


Curses, Hexes, & Crossing by S. Conolly
Tenatio Diabolus by Myrmydon Pontifex Maximus
The Black Grimoire by T.J. Dawson
Walking the Hidden Path by J. Thorp
Liber HVHI by Michael W. Ford
Demon List composed by Terry
Mark of Qayin by Asha’Shedim
The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magick by J. Thorp


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